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"Smear after smear"

Welcome to Jim Webb's universe. It's a world in which "I think I heard someone say that George Allen might have said the word 'nigger' in college" is perfectly fair campaign strategy, but someone reading passages from Webb's on book is a "smear." You've just gotta love that.

My response to the whole thing has pretty much been "It's only a novel," which seems a reasonable thing to say. The Democrats, however, have little basis for complaint here. The "sex scene from an opponent's novel" is already a well-worn political cudgel. In recent memory, the Democrats have wielded it against Newt Gingrich, Lynne Cheney, and, most recently, Scooter Libby. That makes it a little hard for them to claim the passages from Webb's book should be off-limits. I still dislike Allen, but Webb should just shut his whiny bitch mouth.


It's a little silly.

The difference is that Allen, as is typical for Repugs, has presented a passage out of context that sounds like pedophilia.

The truth is that the passage is a true recollection of an actual (rather weird) Cambodian ritual.

But the Rovians know that your average idiot won't know that, Fox News won't report that, and even if they did people would be disgusted by it.

Repugs have won playing to the simple minded, using meaningless slogans like "Death Tax", "Liberals hate America", and "Cut and Run".

So I suppose this will work too.

Dems need to get on the ball and start playing the game. They have done much better this election, which is why Repugs are squealing like little girls half the time.

Still, there is the whole Repug election stealing machine to overcome. It will be close.

There are some breaking news regarding racist senator Allen. Apparently multiple warrants for his arrest were issued when he was a student in 1974, but he is refusing ti to release any information regarding this. Why were there warrants for his arrest? I am curious now.

Anyway, George Allen is a racist. Webb may not be a perfect candidate (lets not forget that he was in the Reagan administration), but he is far better than Allen. He would be a much better senator and I think he will win this race. In fact I think that at the end he will win with a clear 3-4 points margin.

I have a question: Where are these people, who are supposed to be running the damned country, finding the time to write all these frivolous books?

It must be part of the narcissistic personality to feel that you simply must write a political bodice ripper.

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