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Dawn of a new era?

From my mailbox:

No recounts?
No injunctions?
No lawyers?
No whining?
Just cordial concession calls?

Yeah, I guess all that stuff only happens when Democrats lose. You gotta love the Dems! See, they're ushering in a new era of civility already.


And apparently all those new electronic voting machines worked fine this time even without a paper trail.

It's all about the results. Right, Jill?

> ...those new electronic voting machines worked fine this time...

Yeah, I'm glad they "solved" those pesky problems. ;-)

Who knows how well the machines worked? Personally, I think there still should be a paper trail.

I still care if you guys don't.

By the way, there are eight house races to be decided. In at least one, in Conneticut, the Republican has rightfully sought a recount of a slim lead that currently favors the Democrat.

I heard plenty of whining, and there were an army of lawyers involved in PA even before the polls closed.

Many Repugs also refused to concede.

They didn't ask for recounts because there was no evidence of massive fraud on the part of the Democrats, like when term limited Jeb Bush and loser Katherine Harris conspired to steal the election.

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