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Happy Thanksgiving!

So what's everyone doing for the holiday? I'm going to North Carolina for a week, starting tomorrow. And when I get back, I'll officially be in my forties, so I guess you can expect wiser, more mature commentary after my return.


Happy Birdday in advance!

Happy Birthday then!

40s is an awkward decade. You're too old to date college girls...but not old enough to have a teenage mistress.

Happy B Day from someone who just officially hit the mid-40 mark 2 days ago. And I'll be seeking both college girls and teenage mistresses.

Hey, when's your birthday? Mine's the 26th.

Happy birthday ya old fart :)

You're gonna start to rust

> Hey, when's your birthday?

20th. A Scorpio, barely. ;-)

11/20: Robert Kennedy's b-day.

Happy birthday Drew! Oh, and the 40s suck.

The 40's are great -- best years of my life so far.

HEY! Happy birthday!!!


Me, I'll be working FROM 9am Thursday til 9am Friday.

Turkey sucks in a firehouse...just makes you miss home more.

At least I'll be home for my brother Jim's B-day, the 25th. He'll be 51...and I'm off Christmas Eve & Christmas this year. Of the two I prefer Christmas Eve a lot more.

Enjoy the week off and I sure hope you don't go maturing too much on us!

JMK: "Turkey sucks in a firehouse...just makes you miss home more."

Well, thank you JMK, and thanks to firemen everywhere for being there on Thanksgiving and every other holiday. We sincerely appreciate the sacrifices you make and risks you take to make the world a little safer for the rest of us.

Lord, you're almost two decades younger than I.

And taller.

And better looking.

Hell, I'll just shoot myself!

Have a great holiday, Barry and also a happy 40th!

Well, it keeps us out of trouble WF...at least in my case, it does.

Christmas is the worst Holiday to miss. That's one thing I won't miss when it's my time to go.

And technically, I'm not a fireman any more. Sad to say.

Come Januray, I'll be in HazMat two years and will officially be a certified "HazMat Specialist."

I miss the South Bronx...a lot, but I miss being twenty-five a lot, as well.

I had nearly twenty good years of fun...and we got away with a lot more and had a lot more fun than they're allowed now-a-days.

From about 1985 - 1994 "crack was king," and it was really good for business....lots of fires.

Mayor Dinkins may well have been NYC's version of Jimmy Carter, but those Liberal policies were good for fire duty and crime stats - both went through the roof.

Well, to better days.

I do wish y'all a very Happy Thanksgiving...I'll be envying Barry in NC.

If I had a choice of where I'd most like to be right now, it would probably be Savannah, GA., either there, or Helena, Montana.

...and DON'T shoot yourself Mal!

That would probably leave me the oldest around here.

AGAIN??? It seems you have waaay too many birthdays!! lol! It seems everytime I turn around, it's Barry's birthday!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ...again. :)

Mal, put the gun down.We don't want to make JMK the oldest fireman, doddering around a burning building, now do we?....btw, thanks JMK.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for finding some friends here and there. We may piss each other off at times, but Barry has given us a place to go and bitch. :)

We do Thanksgiving at our place, so we're home. But there's plenty of work around the house to do (to follow up remodeling the guest bathroom this weekend).

Happy birthday. The 40s suck, though. Just thought I would warn you. I understand that from 50 to 60 is pretty good. Folks don't change too much that decade. But take it from me that the 40s suck.

BNJ, Happy 40th! Welcome to the decade of increased hair loss, weight gain, decreased visual acuity, decreased muscular agility, slower reflexes, increased medication usage, and increased sexual dysfunction.

Glad to have you a member of the club!

Serioulsy, though, have a nice Thanksgiving. Be safe, and say hello to your Mom for me.

Still young enough to enlist in the Army. Show everyone what a patriot you are.

JMK, usually you horrify me, but this comment:

"I miss the South Bronx"

...is something I never expected to hear from you.

Thanks for the laugh today. :)

As for the rest of you, I disagree. The 40's don't suck. The 40's rock, because that's when you no longer give a shit what people think, but you're still young enough to delude yourself that you're still cool. 50 hits you like a slap in the face, by 51 you have to do 10 minutes of yoga stretches just to get out of bed in the morning without screaming pain, and by 51-1/2 songs like "I'll Follow You Into the Dark" become fascinating.

I LOVED the South Bronx, Jill....because that's where the fires where.

I deliberately transferred into E-92 & L-44 because it was the busiest firehouse (in terms of OSW, or Occupied Structural Work) in the city (and probably the world) at that time.

I wouldn't have worked there otherwise. It was a long and expensive commute from Staten Island.

Fires are a challenge, like mountains. Anyone motivated by anything other than the exhillaration of the challenge is either lying (claiming to have some non-existant altruistic motives) or is emotionally stunted or undevelopped (a/k/a immature)...usually it's the former.

I don't know why traditional values "horrify" you, that's what most of my views are, except my views on abortion - I support it NOT because I believe in "choice," I DON'T in that case, but because I believe in consistency - for me, it's obvious that "ALL life is NOT sacred."

Killers and others (traitors, for instance) deserve the death penalty and those who are dependent upon the state (incarcerated felons, the institutionalized mentally and physically handicapped and those dependent upon public assitance) should not be allowed to have children...in my view.

I have a consistent worldview, as opposed to many immature religious people who hold an inconsistent one (no on abortion, yes on capital punishment) and immature Liberals (yes on abortion, no on capital punishment).

People who hold to such inconsistent worldviews are always immature and never see themselves as such...an interesting dichotomy, in my view.

Thanks, all. Mal, please don't shoot yourself. Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was a happy one. Mine was nice, but I'm still tired from driving.

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