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I for one welcome our new Democratic overlords!

(Sorry. Just wanted to be the first to post that.)


Too bad we will not win the senate. Only 4 seats new pickups.

Probably, but you may still pick up Burns' seat in Montana. I'm guessing that's it, though. Kyl's seat was never seriously in danger.

OTOH, I *am* wondering why they called Maryland for Cardin so early, when Steele has consistently held a slim lead. I mean hell, they haven't even called Tennessee yet with almost *all* precincts reporting, and they called Maryland with 1%. Weird.

Don't give up on the Senate quite yet, Blue Wind. Even though my man Ford lost, it looks like VA is going down to a recount. And McCaskill is looking good right now in MO.

You were right! We have 5 for sure and I think Montana will go our way to.

I really do wonder how they decide to call races. I think one of the analyst people explained that in the case of one of the states they were calling early it was because the precincts that had reported were all heavily weighted the one way and the ones that had yet to report were heavily weighted the other way? Something like that.

Don't worry, you still have Chimp and Shooter.

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