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My pre-election post

Listen up, fellow Republicans! This race is going to be about TURNOUT! Remember, if we can suppress more minority turnout than our opposition, we can still win this thing.

Haw haw haw, I kid of course. And yet I am a registered Republican, so that explains the light blogging today, as I was busy all morning tampering with voting machines, and making fake robocalls using my Bob Menendez voice. But now I'm done, and the rest is up to Diebold™.

It occurs to me that I haven't really picked many favorites in this election, other than to express a vague hope that the current congressional leadership will be removed from power. The reason is that there aren't too many races that have me excited this year. I can't bring myself to care who wins the senate race here in New Jersey, and I seem to be the only person in American who doesn't care who wins in Connecticut (but I don't, and you can't make me.)

So what races do I care about? I'm already on record as pulling for Casey in Pennsylvania, and I'll go ahead and throw in Nelson in Florida as well. Neither of these races really counts, however, since they're both gimmes. I'd also like to see Ford win in Tennessee, although now that's looking increasingly less likely, and Webb in Virginia.

Yes, I know what this means. The four candidates I'm rooting for are all Democrats. This is surely a sign of the apocalypse. But think about this. Among the myriad variables that are coming together to form this "perfect storm" of anti-Republican sentiment, there's one in particular that's worthy of mention. This is, without a doubt, the most conservative roster of Democratic candidates I've seen in my lifetime. To the extent that you can "throw the bastards out" without having to sacrifice your ideologies (not any more so than usual, anyway) then so much the better. I'm thinking that 2007 may very well be the year of the Blue Dogs.


Just imagine if the Senate ends up 50-50 and Dick Cheney has to spend the bulk of the next 2 years sitting around Capitol Hill waiting to go break innumerbale tie votes--on matters ranging from important things like the budget to the endless mundane things like resolutions stating that flowers smell nice. Better to have him there, and busy, than holed up in the White House plotting new stupidities.

Funny post Fred -- As if the Senate shows up for work enough to keep anyone "busy."

True, that!

Tomorrow is the *real* Halloween.

Oh yeah, it's time to fire up the bus and load it up with cartons of cigarettes so that I can bribe homeless people into voting Dem, because we all know that homeless people are registered to vote! After a few runs of homeless I will load up on black felons and we will intimidate little old white lady poll workers into letting us all vote 947 times each. Then I will go to the graveyard and write down thousands of names, go to the polls, and demand to vote for them in various disguises.

If I am challenged in any of this I will start screaming racism and call in news teams and attorneys.

In other words, just a typical election day for a Democrat. We all do it.

I can't believe you fell for that "Conservative Democrat" BS! Don't you know the masks will come off on Wednesday? Halloween indeed.

> I can't believe you fell for that "Conservative Democrat" BS!

One copes, Paul. ;-)

I'm not so sure, Paul. I believe that the pro-gun, anti-tax, anti-immigration Tester and the similar viewed Harold Ford are probably "as advertised," and a welcome trend among Democrats, to me.

If the Democrats would just get back to their Zell Miller roots, I'd once again be a very happy Democrat - anti-tax, anti-preference, pro-gun, pro-border control and steeped in the belief that smaller government is ALWAYS better than larger governemnt...yeah, I'd be a very happy Dem.

As for the Liberals, well, there's always The Worker's World Party and that's where they belong, actually.