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Schumer: Reaganism dead

Chuck Schumer is no doubt going to offend a lot of conservatives by declaring the demise of Reagan conservatism.

"We're in better shape than [Republicans] are, because they don't realize that Reaganomics is dead, that the Reagan philosophy is dead," he said. "We realize that New Deal democracy, which is still our paradigm, which is sort of appeal to each group ... that doesn't work any more."

He had said a bit earlier, "The old Reagan theory which dominated -- which is, 'Government is bad, it's out of touch, chop off its hands as soon as it moves.' -- is over."

This will be regarded as controversial, no doubt, but one wonders why. My only nit with Schumer's statement is that he makes Reaganism's demise sound recent. The truth is, it's been dead for years. Hell, it probably died while Reagan was still in office. Peace Be Upon Him, but Ronnie took office with plans to shut down 3 or 4 cabinet level departments, but ended up adding a brand new one by the time he left 8 years later. So it goes.



What new Cabinet office did he add? Wasn't the Vet Affairs Dept formed in Bush I?

Fred, the VA Dept. didn't actually come into being until Bush 41, but it was signed into law by RR at the very end of his second term.

Reaganism has been abandoned, it hasn't been discredited the way "New Dealism" Keynesianism has been.

Can anyone argue with the fact that "Government is NOT the solution, government IS the problem?"

We had a bloated and out-of-control federal bureaucracy in 1980 and we have an even bigger federal monstrosity today and that's only true because "Reaganism" (actually Friedmanism) has been abandoned.

Reagan abandoned Reaganism, just like Bush, when it came time to hand out billions to his friends.

Not ONE abuse of the Patriot Act, right JMK?

LOL! You continue your streak of being wrong about everything.


Gosh, I really hate to do this...(I know it upsets Fred so much)...I mean, I hate to resort to personal invective, but once again I find that I must, Hey stupid! Try reading the articles you post. Will you do that, at least once?"
"The FBI identified Mayfield's fingerprint on a blue plastic bag containing detonators found in a van used by the bombers. However, the FBI's fingerprint identification was wrong and Mayfield was released several days later."
"In its statement, the Justice Department said its Office of Inspector General found no evidence of profiling or misuse of Patriot Act provisions."

Once again, you have maintained a near perfect record of not bothering to read what you post and getting your facts straight.

Oh yeah, and it's nice to see YOU again too.

And Barely, during the Christmas Season, could you at least TRY to post actual arguments when you try and argue a position.

It would really be a big help for me.

My hands are getting raw from all these spankings I've been doling out to you.

Thanks in advance...for trying.

I'm with Barry. This Reagan afterglow is annoying because most people who brought it up tend to remember only what they want to remember. Thanks Barry for bringing up facts.
Remember the old running joke that for a short time the government seemed to be run by Nancy and her astrologer? Remember all the shredding jokes (or was that into Bush 41?)
By the way, how was your birthday? sorry for writing way too late, but I was celebrating mine (I'm in my late 30's)

Rachel, happy belated birthday! When was it? (Mine was fine, BTW.) :-)

thank you - it was Nov. 17

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