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Tightening polls?

First, I'm not buying the polls. Second, I'm not buying that either Rahm Emanuel or the folks over at The Plank are naive enough to buy them either.

This happens every single election, folks. The races suddenly "tighten" at the very end, because the media has a vested interest in bringing you a "horse race." It's every bit as predictable as the perennial chorus of "This is the most negative campaign season ever!" Don't fall for it.


I think they are only tightening in races where republicans had the lead (i.e. in TN where the last poll is dead heat again). Tomorrow it will be the end of the "republican revolution". Dems will pick 30 in the house and 5-6 in the senate. And George W. will lost any mandate he thinks he has. He is responsible for the implosion of the republican party.

Lets see if the "typo"-police will show up again :)

Actually BW, the polls show the three races tightening MOST to be MO, MT & VA.

Rasmussen has Talent +1 on 11/5 after having McCaskill +1 on 11/2 and +3 on 10/30.

Rasmussen has Tester +1 on 11/4, after being +2 on 11/1 and +4 on 10/18!

Gallup has Allen +3 in VA on 11/3, while Rasmussen has Allan & Webb tied on 11/2...Webb was +3 in Rasmussen polling on 10/29.

A recent Mason-Dixon poll had Chafee up 1, but that's the ONLY poll with that result and since that's an ideological "pick'm" (hmmmm, so's Ford/Corker the other way) it's only going to matter in a "team sports" kind of way...the way most politics has become lately.

Ford has sadly slipped from a near dead-heat to down around 5 in most polls.

Dems will win by a much wider margin than expected.

It's not just the media. Both sides will use the tightening polls to plead for higher turnout.

Afterall, it's the turnout that will ultimately determine the winner.

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