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Great news!

No, not this. This.

One of our most frequent posters here finally has his own blog, and it's about time. Check him out.


EXCELLENT! Checking YOU out! :)

JMK? Nice to see you! It's funny...I had a mental image of you..and you are almost that image! (Um...you ARE the guy on the left, right? :D)

Great stuff!

Yes, but I'll be changing that image regularly, or at least as regularly as I can.

I don't have many pictures of myself, this is one is about ten years old, but I have a digital camera and can download pix, so I guess I'll do that from time to time...even though I hate getting pictures taken.

Still, this is a fairly routine one - "short hair, looks like a cop." That's how one fireman described me.

congrats, JMK

Good for you, JMK!

BTW, I'm with you about photos!

Thanks Rachel & Mal!

Yeah I hate pictures (I'm sure you can see why) but I like the writing and this is pretty cathartic, actually.

You're not going to go all cathartic on us now...are you JMK?

I sure hope not, WF.

But it's nice to have an outlet.

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