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24 blogging!

Okay, how many people besides me were secretly hoping that Donald Sutherland was going to show up as Jack's creepy (and probably evil) father?

Yeah, I knew it wasn't going to happen, but you've gotta admit, that would've been cool! So who'd they get instead? The farmer from Babe. Truly an opportunity lost, but it looks like they're going to make up for it by having Jack waterboard his own brother. God, I love this show....


Yeah, I’m a fan too. My wife hates it cause I walk around saying Jack F*cking Bauer all the time. Then there’s usually a litany of Chuck Norris jokes replacing Chuck Norris with Jack F*cking Bauer.

I was just waiting for him to hit his brother in the face, I rewound it 3 times on the tivo. My wife was all upset because she didn’t understand how he could know his brother was involved. I explained that Jack F*cking Bauer is a human truth detector, he knew it over the phone.

She likes the show too but sometimes we have separate reactions. I thought it was awesome the way he walks in to the house sees his nephew (which I’m betting is his son because of the prior relationship with his sister in law – and the full head of blonde hair on the kid) then makes small talk and says he’d like to get to know him better, then 5 minutes later he’s tying up the kid’s “father” with electrical cord and getting ready to torture him. That’s just the way Jack F*cking Bauer rolls.

It would have been great to see Donald in there – he could show Kiefer how it’s done old school “Eye of the Needle” style.

I don't watch the show because I didn't watch it in the beginning and then I somehow just kept missing it and truthfully, I think I watch enough tv as it is. But I still think that's a huge missed opportunity. What were they thinking to let that slip?

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