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Angelina Jolie

I was standing in line at the grocery store last night, trying to purge this image from my head, and began thumbing through all the gossip mags near the checkout.

That means I was exposed to a lot of Angelina Jolie. I know the woman can be annoying and is certainly overexposed, but you have to give her credit for one thing. She's hot. No wait, I didn't mean to say that. What I meant to say was this. It's common for celebrities to feel guilty about their unjustifiable financial success and get a bug up their ass about saving the world, one cause célèbre at a time. Often, however, they limit their actions to a PSA or two asking us to donate money to something-or-other and then pat themselves on the back for being such great humanitarians.

Say what you will about Pitt and Jolie, but they have been quietly and very substantially putting their money where their mouths are. One of the trash mags I was perusing compiled a list of the couples' biggest philanthropic gestures, and it was jaw-dropping, honestly. Just a few examples can be found here, here, and here. You've got to admit, that's pretty cool, right? Plus, she's hot.


I don't know if she really does it, but before the kids, I remember reading somewhere that for every movie she does 1/3 she uses for whatever, 1/3 she saves and 1/3 she gives away to various charities. If she did that even for a little bit? Very cool. I don't know that she still does it, but even if she did it for only one project. That's still pretty amazing.

No, she is HOT. HOT. HOT. HOT.

Yeah it is pretty cool how they give so much when they clearly don’t have to, and it’s not tied into some publicity deal either….but more importantly she is HOT.

Do yourself a favor and put Gia in your Netflix queue. I don’t even know what the plot is, I just know there’s a scene with Angelina, a chain link fence…and I think she’s wearing boots and a smile.

I never did get the celebrity-bashing when celebrities promote causes. People seem to take this, "Well you're rich and a big star, so it's easy for you, but how dare you ask other people to take part?" attitude. And I don't get it. If I, a poor, insignificant worm, were to come to your door and ask you for a buck to fight hunger in Africa, you wouldn't think, "What a phoney-baloney, trying to use his position to further his image." I figure that, if someone is trying to do something that is good, we shouldn't attack them for it.

I never got the attraction with Jolie, either. I don't think she's especially attractive. I understand that many people find her attractive, but I still prefer the Jacklyn Smith type (dating myself with that one).

E-mailed you the Kate Kretz (Hope I spelled that right) painting of St. Angie. I think Angie's not my type either. I like them classy, like Julia Ormond or Ingrid Bergman. Still -her screwed up personal life might be forgiven if she is sincerely trying to make a better world.

Her nice rack and low necklines prove her great love for all mankind.

And all the money. Hers and Bill Gates'

My bad. That was supposed to continue. And her money proves it. She and Bill and Melinda Gates are some of the greatest humanitarians alive, with the Gates couple having donated over a billion to various charities to date, with the rest of it all going to charity upon their deaths, with their children only inheriting something like a couple million apiece.

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