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I'm a genius

When I heard that Lindsay Lohan was entering rehab, my first thought was "I just hope Lindsay can finally get the help she needs."

Ha ha, just kidding. My first thought was that Britney Spears and Paris Hilton could check in with her. You know it's only a matter of time before they all end up there anyway, and they'd probably have more fun if they just did it together.

And then I start thinking that it could be a new reality show! Wouldn't that be great? Maybe they could even throw in Nicole Richie and work it into the "Simple Life" franchise -- "Simple Life: Rehab." Or it could be more Survivor-like, where each week they'd get to vote for who gets to be discharged. Can you imagine what the tribal council would like on that one? Paula Abdul could pull dual duty as both contestant and judge. The possibilities are endless. Okay, I published it here first, so if this TV show actually gets filmed I want my cut.


Poor Lohan, the human semen receptacle. Zero talent, little accomplishment, crappy parents...just like Paris.

I actually feel very sorry for LL (although it's increasingly difficult to feel that). Her mother is the worst kind of stage mom and I can't help but think that a lot of this is her fault. She's an adult now (chronologically anyway) so some of this is of course on her own shoulders, but considering the lack of foundation given to her by her parents?

And bite your fingers re: that ides. You know someone will run with it and get a train wreck like Tara Reid to agree to star in it.

Celebrity these days does make people victims. I mean, I don't cry any big wet ones for Lindsay Lohan or any of the celebrities: they made their beds to some extent. But they are, to a large extent, victimized by it as well.

That said, if Lohan went to "Promises" then she isn't really serious about rehab and is probably just doing it because some studio demanded she do it in return for a part or something. "Promises" is where celebrities go for rehab that doesn't work. Now if she'd checked into Betty Ford, that would be different.

And Barry, this post of yours is pretty sexist. No mention of Robin Williams or Mel Gibson. All your anger was directed at these young women. Tsk tsk, Barry.*

*This graph posted just because someone has to represent the knee-jerk liberal voice and accuse someone around here, of some kind of -ism. Heh. :-)

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