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Oh for God's sake

Don't tell me those dimwads are still effin' around with that stupid pretend "clock." I thought this meaningless exercise of pure nonsense went out of style with bomb shelters and Burma Shave signs. Guess not.

The keepers of the "Doomsday Clock" plan to move its hands forward next Wednesday to reflect what they call worsening nuclear and climate threats to the world."

Whatever. Somebody hit the snooze button so we don't have to hear from these clowns for another ten years.


I just changed my clock when Daylight Savings ended. So do I need to make yet another adjustment? I keep my clocks at home 12 hours fast so I am never running late.

50 years ago the radioactive fallout from Soviet bomb tests was supposed to poison us all. Since then, I've been through the impending ice age, acid rain, swine flu, and Y2K. Pardon me for not getting all worked up over this.

About as realistic as Bush's "Terror Alert" levels -- ghey.

I prefer the Rapture Index for my whackjob evaluation of the state of the world.

I wish the damned Rapture would happen already so we could go back to having a separation of church and state.

Is this not the most arrogant gesture?

To assume you hold the capablility to let the rest of the world know....when it's all going to end.


That guy is going to be dead before anything happens so why does he care? Every generation drops dead, leaving the next bunch of morons to make doomsday predictions. He may have a big clock, but I have a "life".

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