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A public service from CN

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

This morning I noted with some amusement that a number of people had found my site by searching on "Emergency Valentine's Day card," or some variant thereof. These searches turned up a helpful post I made a year ago today to help bail out guys who had procrastinated until the last minute. Since people are obviously looking for it, I'll provide a link to my ever-helpful Valentine's Day advice, as a public service.

You're welcome.


That's generally very sound advice, though I don't know what got into me, but I actually thought ahead this year.

Well I forgot completely this year and I may be in trouble. Barry, you can do better! Next year please remind us 2-3 days in advance!!

BW, tell her that her present got snowed in....it might buy you more time.

I found this blog when they stuck one of your entries up on Google News like it was a real news story.

You were front page Google. Now you know who to blame.

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