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Breaking news...

It looks like Congress is on the verge of passing an empty, meaningless gesture. Let's hope it's the start of a trend. How cool would it be if we could make all acts of Congress "non-binding?"


If it's meaningless, why do Repugs flip out and filibuster to stop the vote?

The War albatross is weighing heavy on their necks, eh?

I agree with BNJ and Bailey.

It is not meaningless. It is the first step. They should ultimately cut the funding, and I believe they will. It will take 2-3 months from now.


That's the ticket BW.

That's what every Republican in Congress wants - the Dems to cut funding!

It would allow them to cast the Democrats as "Surrrender-cats," while piously blaming them for "undercutting America's troops in the midst of a war." The military would quickly blame those "back home who undercut and ultimately defunded the war for whatever bad results follow." Even those Republicasn who oppose the war (and there are quite a number) are smart enough not to want to have their names on any such legislation.

Of course for folks like that daft female CBS executive who Bernie Goldberg often references, the one who didn't "know a single person who voted for (Nixon)," the Liberal worldview seems "overwhelmingly accepted," it's only elections that occasionally bring them around to the stark realization of that view's marginal status.

The Republicans are such hypocrites...

It was OK for the GOP controlled House to pass a non-binding resolution telling Clinton he should not have American troops enforce a Bosnian peace deal back in October of 1995, but heaven forbid if the Democrats do the same thing.

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