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Madonna wants to be like Gandhi

All right, well why don't we begin by practicing self-imposed poverty, chastity, silence, and radical, self-effacing life simplification. When you've mastered that, Mrs. Ritchie, you'll be ready for lesson two.


I think you got a better picture than mine. Anyway, Madonna is very cool.

I always liked her. I mean, Madonna as Ghandi is ridiculous, of course. Obviously so. Her flirtation with Kaballah, which seems to be something completely different now and more akin to witchcraft than the Jewish mysticism that has, as its sole purpose, hastening the coming of the Messiah, was whacko, like so many of the celebrity types who go off into fringe religious pursuits (but no more harmful than nay other religion, truth to tell). But I like her. She is the finest celebrity manipulator of media of my lifetime. She had them screaming and raving and cussing and complaining for years, and every time they did, she made a bundle off of it. I never cared for her music, but Louise promoted herself like nobody else and she did it pretty honest, too. So if she wants to be Ghandi, let her give it a go and we'll see what happens. Otherwise, I still like her.

My first thought after reading that Madonna wants to be like Gandhi:

Too late.

Wait a second: Which Ghandi are we talkin' about here? Indian Ghandi or the guy who used to run a gas station in St. Louis?

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