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Say what you will about Al Gore

...but he's repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to indulge in a little good-natured humor at his own expense, which is more than can be said for many of his followers who are beginning to regard him in increasing numbers as some kind of messiah.


The joke seems to have gone over AFP's head.

Al Gore is cool.

Can someone list off for me Al Gore's environmental achievments prior to 2001?

How did the Clinton administration do on reducing greenhouse gas emmissions? Which environmental bills did Gore sponsor or co-sponsor during his tenure in Congress? And why did the Clinton-Gore administration fail to submit the Kyoto Protocol to the Senate for ratification?

Just asking.

You have to admit, he's been a wonderful cheerleader for environmental issues, something I cannot say for our current President.

I know that I have become increasingly aware of my own impact on the environment. While I still don't do as much as I should, I recycle stuff, drive pretty efficient cars , install dimmers and flourescent bulbs, pay attention to the thermostat settings in the home, and try to make as few trips as I can when I run errands.

We would save so much on Greenhouse Gas emissions if more Americans tried to do just a little bit more. It may not be enough to reverse the trend of Global Warming, but I think every little bit helps. And it certainly would help us be less dependent on foreign oil.

Actions speak louder than words.

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