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Shakes, exit stage left

For the sake of completeness, I'll post what you already know -- that Melissa McEwan of Shakespeare's Sister fame has followed Amanda Marcotte's lead by "resigning" from the Edwards campaign.

Shakes is a good person, and I hate it for her. She was ill-served not only by her enemies, which one would expect, but by people who were supposed to be on her side as well. I think we can safely say the whole concept of a "campaign blogger" was a failed experiment -- stillborn, in fact. As the whole fiasco draws to a close, I will content myself with watching Melissa's hit count go up and up, as thousands of people who were introduced to her writing for the first time become hooked like I did.

Shakes, it was a hoot to read about you in the New York Times and the Drudge Report, even under the circumstances. Sorry the new gig didn't work out, but now you can go back to saying exactly what you want to say in exactly the way you want to say it, and with a bigger audience than ever before. I'm confident that good opportunities are in store for you after this, ones that will allow you to be yourself. Keep up the good work.