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Boys suck, girls rule

At least on American Idol anyway. The dudes bored me so much last night that I fell asleep before I could learn whether House had head cancer. And I thought Paula was inexplicably hard on Chris Sligh.

And speaking of television, the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica really frakked with my head. To make matters worse, my usual support group isn't in place. Dean Esmay always used to host a BSG discussion thread the day after the episode aired. Dean eventually became bored with the series, but one of his co-bloggers picked up the ball. But where is he now, when I need him most? Was Kevin D. a casualty of the recent ideological purge over there? Help me.


Have you ever visited TWoP? I don't watch that show, but they cover it and there are long (very long) discussion threads. The blurb about the last episode is here.

Thanks, K, I'll check it out. BTW, I avoid the "official" BSG forums because there are too many spoilers.

Do realize how faggoty that headline looks?

I don't think she's really dead. How can you have BSG without Starbuck?

I'd bet she will resurface, probably at the very end of the season-ending episode.

I think she's going to resurface on a Cylon resurrection ship.

Having Starbuck be a Cylon is too obvious. I'd bet it's something more complicated than that.

At least, I hope so.

I LOVE the TWoP forums. I usually head there right away after an episode of "Heroes", or "Lost", or BSG.

Spoilers are clearly marked in these forums, and the mods do a great job.

The episode recaps are hilarious, often being better entertainment than the shows themselves.

Mrs DBK loves AmId and I often wind up watching it with her. Last night was awful, except for Sligh. I use the following metric for evaluating AmId: would I pay money to listen to this one in concert. That's a tough metric to meet, let me tell you. This year there is one person who could get me to pay and that would be Melinda Doolittle. If she could give me an evening of music like the Funny Valentine number she did last week, I'd pay a hundred a ticket to hear her backed by a jazz trio in a NYC club. Has to be a club because she would be better in a small setting and it has to be a jazz set because the woman sings jazz whether she wants to or not.

Melinda's hands-down my fave, although Lakisha and Stephanie are also terrific. Sligh is my favorite among the dudes, but that's faint praise.

Melinda is also our favorite as well.

BTW, the young Indian, Sanjiah (sp?) with the wispy body and no voice has made it through over a superior singer in Sundance Head, my wife had opined before the decision that he might be getting a gay voting bloc. My first reaction was no but now I have to wonder.

Cowell was livid with the decision but wisely held his tongue rather than exacerbate an already bizarre result.

There isn't a single male I would vote for.

I missed the results show. You mean Sundance is out but Sanjaya is still in? Lame.

Yup. Sanjaya is in. No explanation can cover it. The kid has a mild voice, but not an interesting or rich voice. He can hit some notes, but his voice is thin. And his on-stage presence is nil. However, last year that horrible Taylor Hicks guy won. My take was that America punked the show. That may be what is going on here again. Maybe there is an underground movement to ensure that, once the decisions are out of the judges' hands, the worst singers win. That would be the funniest thing ever if it were true. Freeping AmId. Hey! "Freeping AmId" is a blog post!

I think Sligh has a great voice. It has a richness to it, a texture.

Doolittle rules.

LaKisha (seriously, what is with the capital "K"?) is pretty good, but I don't find her voice nearly as smooth as Doolittle's.

Although some of the people who were let go are better singers than the ones who remain, none of them were in the top three voices so it doesn't bother me (well, then again, I am not invested enough in the show to care one way or the other who wins).

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