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Today's crappy cell phone pic

So this was kinda cool. I was at this benefit auction last night and one of the items up for bid was House's cane. I didn't win it. But there was an open bar, so I was happy.

Man, if I'm gonna keep photo-blogging, I'm going to need decent cell phone camera. A French friend of the family was visiting us last week, and the camera in her cell phone was better than my standalone camera. Plus, it held like a thousand relatively high-res images. And it was an MP3 player. And an FM radio. With a web browser. Oh, and you could also make phone calls on it. It's a disgrace that a supposed techno-geek like myself could be put to shame by the gadget of someone from a third world country like that. I guess I'd better go phone shopping next week.


I totally understand, Barry. I almost killed myself because of the cell phone pic function. Really.Let me rationalize my post and bring it back to the topic in hand....here goes:

Well it was my fault..as I attempted and eventually suceeded. :) But, I took a pic of my dryer's four prong plug outlet, as I needed to 'make sure' that when I went to Lowes that I purchased the correct new four prong plug to replace the three prong plug that already existed on my new second hand dryer.
So, with cell phone pic in hand to show the Lowes attendant exactly what I needed (as I am trying to eradicate unnecessary purchases and the return..blah blah blah) so I thought the cell phone pic thingy would come in handy.

...but long story short..I didn't show it to the Lowes attendant but decided that THAT plug she gave me would be the one...as the cell phone pic was LOUSY!..the flash totally distorted the image anyway...so I took the new four plug home with me and just HAD to see if it fit the outlet..I could see that it would..but I just HAD to see for myself..so with the new four pronged plug in my hand with the four wires ..each with a metal ring at the end of each of wire ...I plugged it in...yeah...BIG BANG.

I am very happy that I didn't decide to hold the end of the plug so that I could see what I was doing? ;)

Anyway, I am alive and well today. I can also change windscreen wipers very easily. It doesn't involve electricity.

So, do you think I have a case against Sprint and their phones?

Or should I just thank my lucky God and move on? :)

Oy. It might not help, but you can turn the flash off on your phone, Jane.

In general, phones here are 6 mos. to a year behind the ones available in Asia and Europe. A friend's sister came to visit her early last year from Korea. Her phone (which wasn't even brand new) had a 5.0 megapixel camera. That was last year.

Oddly enough, I don't think of my cell phone as my primary picture taking device. On the other hand, I've been much more satisfied talking to my camera than the vast majority of cell phone conversations I have.

Was the camera a Sony Ericsson? Because my w600i does all the stuff you've listed, there. There's a couple of down sides to the camera, though. Instead of being a flip, it's a twist, which is stupid and awkward, and necessitates a key lock. Also, when retrieving your first call after hanging up on a call waiting interruption, you have to go to the menu and manually select "retrieve", which isn't how every other phone on earth works.

But yes, you should either carry your camera with you, or get a better camera phone.

Also, you could bake a pie with it

Hey, I think it was, actually.

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