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Jim Webb is cool

My favorite news story during my absence has to be the one about how one of Jim Webb's aides got in trouble for toting Webb's handgun... or something like that. (I pay less attention to the news while I'm on vacation.)

Anyway, Webb's economic populism leaves me a bit cold, but I've otherwise always liked the guy, and I made it no secret that I much preferred him to Virginia's Senator Smiley (hi, Syd!) in last year's election. But now we find out we've got a senator who packs his own heat! Now how cool is that?


Hey Barry,
Welcome back. I agree with you on Webb. He is very cool. And you know what? I think that he would be the ideal vice presidential candidate for any democratic ticket. There is noone better than him for the VP spot.

I somehow knew you'd like that bit of news.

Webb is a retard.

"Webb is a retard. "

Why do you say things like that? Your comment is unacceptable and not based on facts. Webb is a great senator and a real asset to the democratic party.

>Your comment is unacceptable...

Blue, this is Bailey we're talking about. If he's ever said anything acceptable on this site, it was on an off-day and quite by accident.


Oh, that's right, Webb is a great guy. It was Allen who was the retard.

A gun-toting Reaganite can't be all that bad.

More proof that would seem to bolster the view that the Democratic Party is evolving, FROM Neanderthals like Franken and Moore, TO more enlightened souls like Heath Schuler, Harold Ford Jr. and Jim Webb.

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