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News flash

Alec Baldwin is an asshole.


Yes he is.

But, I have to admit that there is a sleaziness about the release of this voice mail that makes me queazy.

When private conversations among family members become cannon fodder for all of us to indulge in, I find that more disturbing than anything Baldwin said to his daughter, wrongly assuming he was speaking (angrily) but in confidenciality to his child.

This voyeuristic dimension of our society is becoming frightening in its invasiveness.

I have to agree, and I say that disagreeing with virtually everything I've ever heard Alec Baldwin say.

I don't think such correspondences should be made public and it's kind of sleazy that Hannity (who despises Baldwin) openly gloats over this guy's misfortune.

I'm sure Hannity would say the "other side would certainly use such fodder on a Conservative and they have."

That may well be true, but I don't think it's appropriate in any case.

It's one of the reasons I felt disgust for those who claim to feel empathy and compassion for drug abusers like Robert Downey Jr, and Whitney Houston, gloating over Limbaugh's drug problems.

It's always wrong to take pleasure in someone else's personal misfortunes.

I don't like Baldwin's views, nor his general public demeanor, but I don't have any interest in the details of his divorce, nor take any pleasure in any personal problems he may have.

I think everybody agrees, here - it's terrible to yell at your child like that, and it's terrible that they (the child and the mother) would release the recording. Unless this got out to the press because someone stole it, my opinion of Kim Basigner has not been raised any higher.

I actually think it's a hoot when anyone from hollywierd is exposed as being a dolt and knocked down publicly.

Them thinking they're above it all due to their occupation is what I find disgusting. They're freaking actors for crying out loud. So what?

No heroes in this story, and that includes the daughter, IMO.

Baldwin married a goddess in her prime, who gave birth to his children, and then dumped her when she was past her prime for some young hot piece of ass.

Of course she is out to destroy him, and succeeding. She got the looks and the brains, Alec, bwahahahaaha.

The pompous bastard deserves everything he gets. Hell hath no fury, dumbass.

Kids piss you off sometimes and if you have a temper, you might lose it. Baldwin had a little domestic flare-up, nobody was assaulted, nothing got broken, but because he's Alec Baldwin a lot of people got to hear it and have an opinion on it.

My niece pissed me off a few years ago. I called her a "little brat". We got over it. She's a great kid.

It's unfortunate that this tape was made public due to an acrimonious celebrity divorce.

Alec Baldwin is a political moron, but his being wrong politically, didn't warrant this.

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