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Am I the only one...

...who thinks Paris looks better after three weeks in the clink? Maybe it did her some good.


Excellent point.

She looks fine, but why is she posing as she exits jail? And now that she's out, can she PLEASE sink into obscurity?

The random banging resumes in 5 minutes.

A little more meat on the bone it appears.

And you're right Fred. Sloppy 200th anyone?

She is a pretty young woman and green is a good color for her.

Beyond that, I don't know what to say about her. It's not her fault that people are obsessed with her. Regarding why she is posing for the cameras.. well they are there so why not?

She's found god, don't you know? She's Mother Fuckin' Theresa now. She read the Bible all the time while in prison, see, but couldn't come up with a favorite Bible verse when asked. That's because, like all good mothers, she loves them all equally. Oh, and she never used drugs, so ignore those photos of her smoking a pipeful of somethin'-somethin' in Amsterdam. They're like the pictures of Ahnuld smoking a joint on the beach in Pumping Iron. No longer operative.

Those jailhouse lesbians put some meat on her bones. Nobody saw Rosie O'Donnell visit, did they?

She looks almost- dare I say - wholesome?!
Hosing off the make-up helped a bunch.
Can we talk about important stuff now?

Yes, on to important things.

Like when is Lindsey Lohan gettin' outta rehab, for chryin' out loud?

Lohan's not in rehab. She's in Promises Malibu. That's a spa pretending to be rehab. That's where you go if you want your publicist to say you're in rehab before you come out and have a "relapse". I think they consider it rehab because you can only get wine coolers and draft cider. Oh, and no toot, just reefers.

I would like to masturbate while she reads Ann Coulter.

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