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The "failed" surge

Think Progress is ripping on David Petraeus for, you know, waiting for all the troops to actually arrive in Iraq before pronouncing the surge a failure. This is clearly supposed to represent some horrible duplicity on the part of Petraeus, I guess.

I'll admit that I never expected the left to give the troop surge a chance to actually do anything, but I did think they'd at least wait until the instant the last boot stepped off the transport plane and onto Iraqi soil before celebrating defeat. I guess I gave them too much credit. What else is new?

(Hat tip: Jill)


The "surge" is an artificial term. There have already been a dozen "surges" over the last 2-3 years. Do you REALLY believe something so simplistic like that could work in a destroyed country that is in chaos, as Iraq is?

Oh yes, of course Barry believes that the surge will work. BUT IF IT DOESN'T it will be because of Democrats, and Liberals, and Nay-Sayers, and Anti-War Activists, and Grief Pimps ... not because it is just a fuck stupid idea, presented by a lying moron who will never leave Iraq until those oil contracts are handed over.

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