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Harry Potter and the Misanthropic Troll

Just FYI: Kay Bailey Hutchison has been gleefully posting Harry Potter spoilers in the comments section of this site, and I'm too busy to delete them all as they come in. You have been warned.

UPDATE: For the best HP spoilers site ever, go here. No really, just do it.


Turns out the whole thing was just a dream, right?

Yeah. Harry wakes up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette.

That was JMK posting using my name. I would never tell everyone that Ron dies.

I read a spoiler list that said that the sorting hat dies. That was just idiotic. Almost as idiotic as the people who

1) Can't be bothered to read the book themselves, so they're looking for spoilers


2) People who delight in providing spoilers.

I like these books. If I had seen the salient points of the final chapter given away before I had the pleasure of reading them as part of the overall story I would have been rightly cheesed off.

My spoilers are like JMKs every utterance: stupid lies.

the ending to harry potter is clearly that all the characters die in a plane crash, except dumbledore... who turns into a trransformer

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