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The best blog post of the year...

...is from Will over at DummySpots.


Alan Watts rocks - nuff said :)

Thanks, man. I have a rule that I shall not write after more than 2 beers, and I broke it badly with that post. Perhaps I should write impaired more often.

For me, it's not so much that I don't want to play the “I have conformed sooner than you," (I probably would, if (1) I were more tuned into the commercial media and (2) didn't have other priorities cancelling out such commodities.

I have house payments, property taxes, and utilities on two places, car, homeowners and life insurance bills and, oh yeah, car payments...and the book buying budget of a small country (at least that of the Principality of Sealand) that kind of crowd out the I-Phone and other such "consumer stuff" like that.

A fine post Will, and good looking out Barry, although it makes me realize how hopelessly "out of the consumer loop" I really am.

Well, as Morning Edition put it, Apple has now offered an I-sorry. I know. It's terrible. The writers over there love those puns. The credit's nice, but if I had bought one, I think I'd prefer the cash.

After all my friends ran right out and bought 8 tracks, CBs, and Betamaxes (Betamaxi?) I developed a wait and see attitude on techno fads.
Also I'm too cheap to buy the latest anything.

Barely's back! With the same poorly played note.

That ruling (by a district court) will be appealed.

That court claimed a fingerprint on a detonator was NOT "probable cause for the warrants to search his home sureptitiously.

Actually, a fingerprint IS indeed "probable cause" for such an intrusion. "Mayfield, a Muslim convert, was taken into custody on May 6, 2004, because of a fingerprint found on a detonator at the scene of the Madrid bombing. The FBI said the print matched Mayfield's. He was released about two weeks later, and the FBI admitted it had erred in saying the fingerprints were his and later apologized to him."

In my book, being a "Muslim convert" can often be construed as "probable cause," (ie. Johnny Walker-Lindt, Adam Gadhan, Richard Reid etc.) but virtually all law enforcement sources disagree with my expansive view on that.

Still, my view is based on the fact that we are now in an "irrevocable war with Sharia-based Islam," and by "irrevocable" I mean one with no chance of negotiating a settlement.

I KNOW full well that almost every current state sponsor of terrorism would readily agree to any number of various settlements, BUT I don't believe (1) we could ever trust those rogue states to abide by them and (2) since there is no way for us to curtail the internationalist policies, including our push for "globalization," the same conditions that have spurred some of that part of the world's anger at us would still remain in place....they'd have to, in order for America to retain its world economic standing for Americans to enjoy the relatively high standard of living they do now.

In other words, "Let's forget about negotiating, we've got to concentrate on winning this global war against Sharia-based Islam."

And the Patriot Act, INCLUDING considering a fingerprint at the scene of an attack to be "probable cause" for searches and other intrusions is a vital part of our domestic defense.

The fact that the fingerprint evidence, in this case, turned out to be misread, is really immaterial. The FBI DID apologize to Mr. Mayfield and he got a civil judgment, so that personal wrong was righted.

Larry "Cornhole" Craig refuses to step down, big surprise!

Senator Larry Craig said this afternoon that he would finish out his current term in office even though the Idaho Republican failed in his effort to withdraw his guilty plea following his arrest in an undercover ...

Barry, are you dead? How can you be letting the peace prize slip through your blogging gaze?

HELLO? Hello? hello? lo?
ANYBODY HOME? Home? ome?

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