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Place yer bets!

Don't tell me you haven't heard the rumors! A Category Five sized sex scandal, brewing like a witch's cauldron, building strength, preparing to sink a major presidential campaign like the Edmund Fitzgerald? Of course you have!

Well, here's your big chance to go on record with your prognosticating abilities. Who will it be? What will it be? Gay or straight? Past or present? Let's hear 'em.

For the moment, this is as far as I'm prepared to go: Not Hillary. I can't believe there isn't any scandal, real or imagined, from her past that hasn't been thoroughly vetted already.


Is this the Larry Flynt thing? Wasn't that supposed to come out yesterday? Is it supposed to be a presidential candidate? I agree. Probably Not Hillary. And actually, probably not Rudy either because everyone already knows about the whole third Mrs. and how she got to be the third Mrs., right? So...Mitt Romney? Maybe?

>So...Mitt Romney? Maybe?

One can always hope. ;-)

(BTW, from what I understand, this is supposed to be different from Larry Flynt's outing.)

I hope...I Hope...I HOPE....I HOPE....it's John Edwards!!!

Just for the fun of it.

I mean it would beg the question, "Would the "Breck Girl" having sex with a guy, really be all that gay?"

And this wasn't that state rep guy in Washington (Wisconsin? One of the "W" states)?

I think it will just be the usual: a steady stream of rock-ribbed ubermoral conservative Republicans caught having sex with men, or if they are really, really Christian ... boys.

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