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Mukasey and obscenity

Under prodding by Orrin Hatch, Mukasey agreed to look into prosecuting "mainstream obscenity." Glenn seems to think Mukasey's just humoring the guy, and he may be right. After all, if Mukasey had given the appropriate response ("With suicidal fanatics plotting and scheming to slaughter us by the thousands every day and night, I have bigger priorities than prosecuting somebody for selling a skin mag, you pea-brained Mormon yenta.") it probably wouldn't be well-received. Still, I wish I had more concrete reasons to believe Glenn on this one.


Oh Great!
So now what am I going to read at the beach, at the pool, on the bus or in diners? A book? LOL

Orrin Hatch is a fascinating person. And by fascinating I mean that he seems to have a brain the size of a pea, and an undersized one at that, and yet! He still manages to function well enough to show up and ask questions like this. More fascinating? Well, less fascinating than mind boggling, That anyone continues to "indulge" him. Including the majority of the state of Utah.

>Including the majority of the state of Utah.

Well, I think the Hatches have six children and a couple dozen grandkids. That's a majority of the population of Utah right there, isn't it?

(BTW, K, this is for you.)

Well, as long as he approves of torture but will stop the sale of porn, I'm sure he will appeal to the wingnuts.

Save the babies, so we can kill them later!

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