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Deja vu all over again

Here I sit, eight years later, once again sweating out John McCain's performance in the South Carolina primaries. This time the villain may not be Karl Rove's whisper campaign, but rather voting machine cockups in Horry County (heh, it's not pronounced like it looks.)

It's some improvement, I guess. I'm more optimistic about McCain's prospects than I was back in 2000, but damn, when are we gonna learn? What's wrong with a piece of paper and a pencil, for God's sake? There are some things that technology just doesn't improve. That's why I read books instead of a Kindle.

(Hat tip: Hack)


The article was very strange. Turnout was low, yet in some areas voters were being "turned away." Voting machine not working, no paper ballots, voters told to come back later.

Maybe they should get the Cheesecake Factory to run voting down there. At least everyone would have a little tag that would beep when the machine was ready. ;)

lol, PE

if you think Rove's whisper machine was bad,barry, wait until the Clintons get a hold of him

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