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Fred out

Well, it looks like Fred's out. I think he did the right thing by calling it quits, and even though I've been critical of his candidacy, I kinda like the ol' guy, and I like a lot of his supporters, so I'm not gleeful about it.

But the old coot could've endorsed McCain on his way out, couldn't he? I mean hell, Rasmussen now has a poll that shows Romney leading in Florida, for frak's sake. Florida!! Why?! What in the Blue Hell are they thinking?! That state has been owned by the Rudy/McCain tag-team since forever, and now Mitt pops up in the lead? Why? Because he won some uncontested, dumb-ass caucus in the Mormon-infested desert?

Well, so far that poll is just an outlier, so I'm planning to pretend I didn't see it. Meanwhile, I'm guessing the reason Fred's holding back on endorsing anyone is because he's hoping for the VP slot. I'd kinda like to see an all-geriatric McCain/Thompson lineup, of course, but I can understand Fred's hedging here. I just wish he'd help nudge his conservative followers away from away from the Romney mirage.


I think Romney will win in Florida. I have been supporting Romney because he is some sort of a joke, but the more I think about it, the more I prefer that McCain is the republican nominee. He will be easier to defeat in the general election than even Romney. Why? Because he took public funds. Neither Hillary nor Obama did. So they can beat him big time, just by the fundraising difference. I think the republicans will be smart to elect Romney as their nominee. He would be at least able to compete financially. Plus he will be far more entertaining to watch in the general than McCain. He will keep spinning around himself, while calling for change.

I don't think Fred wants to be the Vice President. I think he will go back to ABC News Radio with his "Fred Tompson Report" show until Paul Harvey retires. I also expect to see him frequently on the cable circuit for the rest of this election year.

Fred may eventually endorse McCain, but right now there's some bad blood. Contrary to popular mythology, Fred did not get into the nomination race because of the ambitions of his young wife. Quite the contrary, she was not enthusiastic about it.

Fred got in because his old friend John McCain thought his own chances had disintegrated. It was McCain who encouraged him to get into the race with the expectation of an August/September exit for himself. Not only did that not happen, but McCain failed to give notice in August when Fred could have gracefully stepped aside and returned to both the radio and Law and Order. I know the Thompson campaign was pissed. I don't know for sure but I think Fred isn't quite over it yet either.

I have heard that Fred would be interested in being Attorney General, but has no interest whatever in the VP spot. I'm not as well plugged into the campaign as I was back in May/June, so this info is probably is out of date.

>I have been supporting Romney because he is some sort of a joke...

Yes, BW, I get that. Congratulations.

I'm supporting Hillary Clinton for the Dems, not because I think she'll be easy to beat, or because she'll be entertaining, or any other crass, cynical, motives like that. Rather, because I think she'll make the best president of any of her fellow candidates, and I want both parties to nominate their best candidates. It seems "un-American" to hope otherwise.

>Fred may eventually endorse McCain, but right now there's some bad blood.

That's interesting. But surely McCain can't be blamed if he unexpectedly caught fire and became the frontrunner, can he?

Anyway, it's funny. A friend of mine from NC who was also somewhat involved in the Fred campaign told me a somewhat similar story. Interesting, to say the least.

"It seems "un-American" to hope otherwise."

Come on Barry. Give me a break. What is "un-American" in my opinion, is supporting policies that have damaged big-time our country. The country desperately needs change from the disastrous policies of the current republican administration. All the republican candidates are weak and will be defeated relatively easily in the general election, no matter who the nominees are.

Anyway, we at least agree on something: that Romney is some sort of a joke.

Barry said: "That's interesting. But surely McCain can't be blamed if he unexpectedly caught fire and became the frontrunner, can he?"

Of course not, but McCain could have told Fred he had changed his mind about quitting in August, before Fred gave up his lucrative deals with NBC and ABC News Radio -- and went to a lot of trouble for nothing.

The last two polls have Romney ahead. One poll that had McCain +6 last week now is Romney +5.


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