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Meet the New Democratic Party...

...same as better than the Old Democratic Party. As the new GOP grows less and less attractive to me with each passing day, my disappointment is offset by the fact that the Democrats are looking much less repulsive in the post-Clinton era than at any other time in my life.

Consider the hapless John Edwards, who couldn't even muster a second place in his Clinton-hating home state yesterday. I think it's fairly safe to write his obit at this point. Let's face it, we're about as likely to see John Edwards in the local Super Cuts as we are in the Oval Office (LOL! I crack myself up sometimes with my rapier-like wit.)

So why did it happen? He's charismatic, attractive (not in that way, of course... not that there's anything wrong with that), intelligent, and he comes from the prime demographic for a Democrat seeking the White House -- a southern white male. He's perhaps a bit light in the experience department, but that clearly wasn't a factor, as the two candidates who've been cleaning his clock in every state thus far have similar resumes.

What set Edwards apart was that he ran an unabashedly liberal campaign, the only one among the top-tier candidates to do so. Edwards is not some Kucinich or Gravel who never stood a chance. In fact, when he entered the race, it was very easy to imagine him as a front-runner.

Last week, some pundits, including Russ Feingold and Charles Krauthammer began to notice belatedly that Edwards is a big phony, campaigning passionately against many of the very items he voted for himself while in the Senate. It wasn't just the war in Iraq -- it was the Patriot Act, the bankruptcy bill, No Child Left Behind, nuclear waste storage in Yucca Mountain, and others. But far from running as someone who's undergone a Damascus Road conversion, Edwards would have us believe he's a lifelong crusader for the progressive causes he now espouses.

They're right, of course. I'm not buying Edwards' faux-populist schtick any more than they are. But Feingold and Krauthammer seem to be trying to retrofit an explanation for Edwards' demise after the fact, and I don't buy his radical makeover as a reason. God knows there's enough flip-flopping among this crowd that there's no need to single Edwards out.

I think the explanation is much simpler. This is not the same party that nominated McGovern and Mondale. It took them a while, but they finally learned their lesson. Edwards employed a calculated strategy to run to the left of both Clinton and Obama, and yet he's getting soundly rejected in every state contest thus far, by Democratic voters!

Unfortunately for Edwards, the Democrats aren't the party they used to be. They're the party that wants to repeal the AMT, not the party that gave it to us in the first place. That's bad for Edwards, but it's a good thing for the rest of us. Especially since it's looking increasingly likely that the Democrats will be governing both branches of government for some time to come.


Where else can true conservatives go? We can't vote for the borrow and spend Republicans who earmarked and gave away a surplus plus trillions more to enrich Halliburton, oil companies, and most of all themselves.

The old South had it right all along: Republicans are traitors.

What are you talking about anonymouse?

Earmarks have been used and abused by BOTH Parties.

In fact, the current President is the FIRST to sign an Executive Order that orders Departments NOT to enforce any of those earmarks not passed by a open debate.

Oil companies have paid record taxes under the current administration because of the record profits made due to the rising global price of oil.

Domestic oil CAN be taken from the ground in the U.S. for appx $24/barrell, BUT Exxon-Mobil, Chevron and other domestic energy companies MUST sell all their oil at World Market prices, OR they'll quickly be bought out by foreign energy companies like BP-Amocco and Shell Oil.

Big business created America's post-WW II prosperity and those who want to "punish" those multi-national corporations are looking to destroy America's prosperity.

Now, why would anyone seek to do that?!

As the great Calvin Coolidge said, "The business of America is business."

P.S. Of course those old pro-slavery Southerners said what you still believe mouse, the GOP started out as the Party of the abolitionists and industrialists. Those old GOP'ers (like Lincoln) knew that what's good for business is also good for the people.

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