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Are Palmetto Republicans seeking redemption?

Byron York seems to think so. I hope he's right. And from what I'm hearing from my friends back in my old home state, I think he just may be.

Yeah, I know this is harsh, but here it is. South Carolina screwed up in 2000. Big time. If it took them eight years to figure that out, well, better late than never. South Carolinians do have a rare chance at righting past mistakes tomorrow. They have the power to make John McCain the undisputed frontrunner in this race.

I know there are lots of conservatives out there who can read me chapter and verse on John McCain's supposed conservative heresies. In fact, I'm listening to Mark Levin doing it on the radio right now, as I type this.

Well, Mark? You twice voted for, and continue to support, our current president, who's at least as heretical as John McCain when it comes to orthodox Reagan/Goldwater conservatism, so I'm not buying your crap tonight. And in case you hadn't noticed, Ronald Reagan isn't running this year. Who among the current crop would you hold up as the conservative ideal? Who is immune to the charges of apostasy that you level against McCain? Seriously, who? Romney? Not bloody likely. Huckabee? No, you're smart enough to realize what he is.

So who's left, Mark? Giuliani? I like him too, but he's looking increasingly like an also-ran. Thompson? I like his views, but he's still running the most lackluster, half-assed campaign I've ever seen, and that's not going to bring us to victory this November. Moreover, during his stint in the senate, he was one of the closest allies of John McCain, whom you clearly despise.

And isn't electability something for you guys? John McCain consistently polls as the only Republican who can beat Hillary Clinton in the general election. You want to give that up for who? Mitt Romney? Give me a break.

I remember how depressed I was in 2000, when McCain lost the South Carolina primary. I believed at the time that George W. Bush was a lightweight and a big-government "conservative," and that to elect him could go a long, long way toward reversing the hard-won fortunes of the GOP.

Well guess what? That makes me damn near prophetic, and you someone to be listened to with great skepticism. Fortunately, the good people of South Carolina seem to be doing just that.

If any of my right-wing brethren want to try to convince me I'm wrong, then go ahead, I'll listen with an open mind. But meanwhile? I'll be looking to my former home state to right the wrongs of 2000. Dum spiro spero.


When Rove/Bush torpedoed McCain with their finely tuned lie machine in 2000, we should have known what they were all about.

Given his business record (daddy gets him him, Georgie trashes the company, illegally insiders sells his stock, and leaves the business to collapse) it should be no big surprise that despite heroic interference and massive bailouts, Chimp is going to leave us in a Depression.

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