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She's a student of history

Politics makes for great theater. When I heard Hillary say she'd "earned every wrinkle," I had to stop and think why it sounded familiar. Then I remembered the stories of George Washington being called to testify before Congress. He would mount the podium (heh) with a sheaf of papers containing his prepared remarks, examine them, pause, and then very theatrically pull out a pair of spectacles. "Gentlemen," he would say. "I have grown old in the service of this country. And now, it seems, I am growing blind in its service as well." Not particularly subtle, but nonetheless effective. There's nothing new under the sun. Well, not in politics, anyway.


I like Washington's version a lot better.

Not only was it far more ORIGINAL....coming, as it did, some 200+ years previous to today's pols, but it was more heart-felt.

He really EARNED those spectacles, on the battlefields with the British.

Hillary is merely a small cog in a misguided wheel that has opposed America's Founder's design - individual LIBERTY (self-ownership/responsibility, private property rights and limited government).

Washington fought a noble fight, those seeking to "improve upon" America's founding design are fighting for an ignoble and malignant cause.

JMK is once again a liar. My ancestors fought with George Washington, at his side. He did fight for freedom, but he never fought for rapacious corporate greed or the profit motive that neocon corporatists like JMK embrace.

Hillary is 1,000 times closer to George Washington in principle than Chimp or Grandpa McCain.

Oh wait, Hillary plaguarized George Washington! He took his glasses off before speaking, and then SHE COPIED HIM without first saying AS GEORGE WASHINGTON ONCE DID, I AM TAKING OFF MY GLASSES!

And then Barack "Osama Hussein Turban Madrassa Militant Black Muslim" Obama said "I have a dream" thinking that he could steal MLKs speech and nobody would notice.

Wait a minute. You seem to be forgetting history. IF indeed, your grandfather (Leon "Bozo" Hankins), was one of Washington's men, then it's far more likely than not, that he was, like Washington, an investor in the Halliburton of its day - the Dutch East India Company.

Much of Washington's wealth came from his investments in that global trading company.

But what's even more vital and germaine today, is how America's Founders defined "FREEDOM."

Anarchists define it as "Being able to do whatever we want, so long as we don't directly harm anyone else."

America's Founders defined "FREEDOM" as "Self ownership and the full and complete personal responsibility that comes with that."

The Founder's definition is right and the other one should be, as that loan shark (Gazzo) driver in Rocky said, "Taken to da zoo...cause retoddds like da zoo."

Yes, the idea that "freedom" means "being able to do whatever we like, so long as we don't directly harm anyone else," is, in fact, a retarded one.

Freedom as LIBERTY is not light-hearted emancipation from the weight of providing for yourself, but quite the reverse - it's the ponderous weight of FULL and complete responsibility for providing for ALL your own needs.

THAT'S what George Washington and his troops fought for!

Really dumbass? How much of the U.S. Treasury did George Washington transfer to the Dutch East India Company? Oh, that's right -- ZERO. How much did the Dutch East India Company continue to pay George Washington as President? Oh, yeah ... nothing.

Hmmm dumbass, guess that isn't much like Halliburton now is it, dumbass.

Did I mention that you are a dumbass?

Don't compare the VOC to Halliburton!

The VOC was NOT even an Amerian company!

Halliburton is a huge employer of Americans. An uncle of mine left Alcoa after twentyfive years to work with that company.

Halliburton has legally won virtually every U.S. military contract over the past quarter century.

The fact that both Bill Clinton's (Gulf War I & the Balkans) and G W Bush's administration were better for halliburton implies no wrongdoing on either of their parts.

Please, cease and desist claiming you know of some wrongdoing that has not been proven.

The documentation of Halliburton war profiteering is something that even a fool like you could find ... oh wait, no, it isn't on Rush Limbaugh's web site.

My bad, dumbass.

How can I put this bluntly and yet politely?.....Oh wait, I can't, so here goes;

Hey STUPID, what I SAID was that Halliburton has gotten EVERY U.S. contract in Gulf War I (under Bush Sr), in Bosnia (under Bill Clinton), in Somalia (under Bill Clinton), in our military bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and around the world (under Bill Clinton)...and still do today.

Why wiothout Halliburton, we'd have to effectively close down the U.S. Military - an organization hailed by many as "The greatest force for peace in the workd today."

Me personally, I agree with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, "America's military is without question this nation's best export!"

Military employment is one social program I wholeheartedly support. It instills discipline, imparts vital life-skills and prepares its members for success in life beyond the Military.

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