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The NYT is pathetic

When I read this headline in today's New York Times

McCain Frequently Used Wife’s Jet for Little Cost

my eyes glazed over before I even got to the first paragraph. Nonetheless, I forced myself to wade through the article, because as a dedicated political blogger I post here once a month, whether I need to or not. At the end of it all, I found it a rather sad, pathetic effort on the part of the Grey Lady.

Look, I realize that the Times is going to pull out all the stops to see that the Obamessiah is elected president this year. McCain may be their favorite Republican, but at the end of the day, he's still, well, a Republican. But if this is the horse shit is the best they can up with, I can't help but feel pretty damn good about the McCain campaign.

Deep into the story, the Times grudgingly admits that McCain broke no laws, yet somehow they think it unseemly that his campaign paid so little for leasing the plane in question. But it doesn't take much imagination to envision what the NYT headline would have been if he'd done exactly what they wanted:

Candidate Pays More than Required for Wive's Plane! Inappropriate Transfer of Funds from Campaign to Wife?

Oh well. The good news is that the New York Times is even worse financial shape than McCain's campaign. Gee, I wonder why?


I think you have a grammatical error in the title of your post. I believe it should read:

The NYT is accurate.

Don't worry Barry, the real stuff about McCain is being saved until closer to the actual election.

Remember when Bush/Rove started saying that McCain was a traitor because he gave the North Vietnamese information? McCain was given special treatment as a POW because he loved making those filmed statements denouncing the United States.

You think Rev. Wright is bad? Just wait until the voters see that kind of anti-American speech coming right out of the candidates mouth.

That is how Bush cowed McCain out of the 2000 election.

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