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McCain veepstakes postscript

I was thinking again about this story on McCain's Memorial Day Veepstakes cookout, and something struck me. Look at the guest list. At the risk of sounding like James Watt, we're talking about two gays, an Indian, a Jew and a Mormon. I have a feeling this isn't going to be your typical GOP ticket. That could be a very good thing in today's climate (I'm still pulling against the Mormon, though.)


Who is the second gay? I assume the 1st one is the governor of FL? Is that the rumor?

Again, you will be stunned in November Barry. Unless McCain picks an ultra-conservative that will mobilize the religious extreme right, he has no chance. My guess is that he will lose by a wide-margin, between 8 to 10%. He may win FL, but he will lose decisively OH, CL, IA, NM, and possibly VA, all states that Kerry had lost. And you will, of course, very likely lose a case of beers :-)

There is a typo above. It should be CO instead of CL.

Lindsey Graham is widely believed to be gay (not that there's anything wrong with that.)

He has to give his ticket some semblance of modern America, instead of two old white rich guys ready to keep on stealing like Bush and Cheny.

He has to give his ticket some semblance of modern America, instead of two old white rich guys ready to keep on stealing like Bush and Cheny.

Bush and Cheney stole something???

I know that crazy bastard William Jefferson stole....they found all the evidence (including about $90,000 of ill-gotten cash in a freezer of his), I KNOW the State of NJ has had corruption scandal after corruption scandal (with over 100 public officials throughout that State, recently arrested on various charges)....but Bush and Cheney?

Not that it would surprise me, as ALL politicians steal.

A couple years ago, a friend of mine ran as a Democratic upstate NY (he'd been a firefighter in the FDNY for almost 25 years)....and yes, he was a Blue Dog Dem too.

I suggested a theme for his campaign based on the flick "Other People's Money," with his tag line being, "I'm ROBBING you!"

My friend felt that was ill-advised, considering the corruption that was rampant in NY State gov't, but I figured it would come across as a refreshingly honest approach, when compared to the "politics/corruption as usual,"....finally someone who admits what they're doing rather than ineptly stealing and bribe-taking and then lamely trying to deny it, after they're caught.

He lost anyweay. It was a heavilly Republican district, that's probably why the Dems let him run in the first place.

Turns out he had nothing to lose in trying my approach. It would've added a refreshing candor and some humor to what turned out to be a dour and losing campaign.

The Bush/Cheney tax of over $2 a gallon of gas is what is really breaking Americans. We can't afford more spend and (through corporate gouging) tax Republicans.

Don't squawk and nitpick. It makes no difference to Americans how the theft is accomplished. The price of gasoline is a TAX. It is the price of the policies of Bush/Cheney, enacted to enrich their family, friends, and campaign contributors.

The price of gasoline is whatever the market (the NYMEX) says it is....and no President and all of Congress have any effect on it.

If ANY branch of our government COULD have any impact on that price it would he the current (Pelosi-Reid) Congress...and they've proven that DON'T have any such impact.

Hmmmm, actually, there is ONE WAY that body COULD actually impact the world price - by authorizing the drilling all long our oil-rich coastlines and in ANWR.

Come to think of it, Congress IS responsble (in part) for the high price of oil and gas!

Of course, that's a Liberal Democratic Congress, and it's the Liberal-Democrats who are to blame for blocking oil and gas drilling and exploration within the U.S.

Same with food prices! It's our ill-conceived corn-based ethanol program (a favored "pet project" of the Liberal Democrats) that has raised the price of food.

You're just blaming the wrong Party, which is understandable, since you don't understand the difference between Liberalism and Conservativism.

Nice try, Rush. Why did we start buying oil from the Islamofacists to begin with? Was it because of those dirty liberal dogs?

No. It was because their oil is much cleaner and cheaper to refine. It is called Light, Sweet Crude. We don't have any of that. What we have is barely liquid mud, and most of it was pumped out long ago anyway.

Conservationists, both Democratic and Republican, both Liberal and Conservative, rightfully stopped the government from allowing huge, wealthy oil companies to destroy every national park just because oil prices spiked and they could momentarily profit from refining the oil sludge that they could pump out (practically for free, with no meaningful renumeration to the taxpayers). It was concern for profit. Pure greed.

That is the past though. Just pointing out that is was staunch conservative oilmen like Bush and Cheney who clearly caused the problem, worshipping at the alter of short-term profits.

In our current situation I couldn't agree more that the government should fulfill its single task and role according to you, and protect our liberties by exploring our own oil resources with a government run oil company. Just like our government run military that all of you fake conservatives pretend to worship, the state run oil company would exist to secure our liberties against those who would do us great harm.

How come you're so factually challenged, when facts are so easy to come by?

America actually imports more than 2 1/2X as much oil from Canada and Mexico than it does Saudi Arabia!

No, IF it was the "light, sweet crude" that was the answer, we'd be importing all our oil from there. In fact, we import not much more than 12% of our imported oil from Saudi Arabia and 79% of all imported crude oil came from non-Middle East OPEC countries in 2006.


Canada has more oil in oil sands than Saudi Arabia has oil deposits.

We have HUGE and yet un-measured reserves of shale oil and oil snads that are practical to bring to market once oil is over $70/barrell.

That's why Alberta, Canada is currently booming with the oil sands conversion going on there!

Clearly, the American government is powerless to control the global price for oil...as it should be.

The ONLY thing the U.S. government COULD do would be to increase global oil SUPPLY, but it's failed to do that, do Liberal stupidity and Moderate incompetence.

Stop believing in the powers of leprechauns, Big Foot and Dick Cheney...none of those three have impacted the global price for oil.

"The ONLY thing the U.S. government COULD do would be to increase global oil SUPPLY, but it's failed to do that, do Liberal stupidity and Moderate incompetence." (JMK)

Oooops, with that statement, I mis-spoke.

The government CAN'T actually increase the global SUPPLY of oil, it can merely make it easier for the private sector to do that, by reducing the barriers to oil and gas exploration, drilling and refining.

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