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I guess I called it

It's funny. I was thinking about yesterday's post in which I made a thinly-veiled insinuation of anti-Semitism, and wondered whether I had gone a bit too far. Well, I guess not:

"The Jews at Goldman are responsible for high oil prices," one user on a Yahoo message board for Goldman Sachs wrote recently. "Yeah, not one word from the media about how the greedy Jews have brought this whole financial mess on the world. Wonder why that is?" said another poster on a message board for Lehman Brothers Holdings.

These comments and others like them have drawn the attention of the Anti-Defamation League and public relations officers from firms named on the message boards, who are approaching Yahoo about cleaning up the sites.

I guess I called it. Not that it was any great feat of prognostication. In fact, it's sadly predictable. When times get tough, trot out the usual scapegoats. And although it should go without saying, I want to make clear that I'm not implying that all critics of rampant oil speculation is anti-Semitic in nature, by any means. Still, I've thought I detected an ugly undercurrent to some of it for a while now, and it looks like I was right.

But enough about that. I'm going to go celebrate today's Supreme Court ruling! I'm sure I'll write more about it soon, but for now? It's time to have a few drinks to the Second Amenment! Cheers.

(HT: Glenn)


I guess Jews are a convenient target.

I suppose it beats trying to figure out what group is to blame among the amorphous gaggle of various ethnic backgrounds of the CEOs of the major U.S. Energy Companies - David O'Reilly (Chevron), Ray R. Irani (Occidental Petroleum) and Rex Tillerson (Exxon-Mobil).

People (average people) have been trading commodities for over a century on the NYMEX.

In fact, the NYMEX is regaled as a "Brooklyn-Queens kind of place." Very few Ivy leaguers and lots of hard scarbble Italians and Jews.

I know far fewer people trade commodities than stocks, but it's amazing that so many people are so willfully ignorant of what commodities trading IS and why it's so vital and beneficial to us all.

It's them there damned SPECULATORS! "They" have run the price up from where it "should" be. This from the responsible citizens who, as noted above, know nothing about the futures markets and ostensibly only buy or sell contracts if they wish to have barrels of oil and bushels of corn delivered to their homes.

BNJ-- I'll step out on the porch and fire the Super Redhawk .44 mag into the air to join you in celebration. Or maybe the Glock... decisions, decisions.

Oh, the .44, please. :)

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