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Crazy poll numbers

Gallup has the Democrats' edge on the "generic ballot" question down to a mere 3 points, and posts it under the headline "Battle for Congress Suddenly Looks Competitive."

I think there is exactly zero percent chance of the Republicans retaking the House this year (because of the sheer number of GOP retirements alone if nothing else) but this poll is nonetheless interesting, given that the Republican "brand" has been in the toilet for years. It's interesting because it proves me right about something I've said for some time now. Now matter how bad party identification numbers and generic ballot preferences look, they can change on a dime, literally overnight, if a sufficiently popular candidate heads up the ticket.


That's why I NEVER accept those self-identify polls. When the Democratic party is tanked, people will be considering themselves GOP overwhelmingly.

I'm skeptical but hopeful.

I'd LOVE to see a second-Gingrich Revolution, BUT, "Where's the new Gingrich?"

I've said that I'd prefer, or even trade a strongly Conservative/GOP Congress (BOTH House & SENATE) for an Obama Presidency, but I take that back (sort of)....I really believe that if Obama is defeated this November, that will do to the far-Left in America what our Military has done to al-Qaida and the Taliban - decimate it.

WoW! Three "enemies of America" devastated during one administration!

Still, the dynamics so much favor the Congressional Dems right now (more Republican seats up for re-election, more GOP retirements, etc.) that even a slight gain by the GOP without picking up a majority in either Chamber, would still be a HUGE victory.

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