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Is this where Obama's supporters really want him to be? On CNN arguing that he has more experience than Sarah Palin?

And making it look much worse than it already is, Obama's arguments repeatedly pretend that she is still mayor of Wasilla rather than the sitting governor of the state of Alaska. If she's so obviously unqualified, why resort to intellectual dishonesty to prove your point?


Being a governor of Alaska (population around 600,000) is much smaller of a job than being a mayor of dozens of American cities.

The whole candidacy of Palin is a parody. In fact, it is an embarrassment to the USA that a candidate like her is in the VP spot of a major party. Kind of a joke.

And one more thing. Palin is probably the first VP candidate in the history of the country who in the past did NOT want to be an American. She was for 2 years member of the Alaska Independence party that believes that Alaska should secede from the Union. She is a totally embarrassing and bizarre individual.

Alaska Independence Party membership? Proof? Links?

If you can't provide any, then you beclown yourself along with the rest of the gullible, seething, reactionary left (running scared).

She wasn't a member. She's been a lifelong Republican.

She wasn't a member. She's been a lifelong Republican.

Her husband was for 5-6 years a documented member. She attended the 1994 and 2000 conventions and she addressed the convention of that party as recently as 2008.


And here are the goals of that party


She's not a member then. Blue Wind = beclowned.

Please keep trying, though - very entertaining.

“According to Brian Rogers (a McCain spokesman) "Governor Palin has been a registered Republican since 1982," and he provided voter registration documentation showing her to be a Republican. "As you know, if she changed her registration, there would have been some record of it. There isn’t."

“Rogers says that Palin didn’t attend the AIP convention in 1994, "but she visited them when they had their convention in Wasilla in 2000 as a courtesy since she was mayor."

“When asked if Palin ever identified herself as a member of the AIP, Rogers said, "No, she's a lifelong Republican."

So what if Sarah Palin personally supported the belief that Alsakans should be able to vote on their future, on their own self-determination?

More aptly, those who believe self-determination is NOT an inate right must also be consistent on all such matters - Kosovo should NOT have been allowed to break away from Serbia, according to such people.

The Russians opposed (and STILL oppose) Kosovar independence and America during Clinton's reign supported it.

Anyone who thinks that the people in Texas and Alaska shouldn't have the right to vote on a matter of self-determination, MUST take a consistent stance on Kosovo.

So again, WHY did the Left NOT have a problem with the Clinton invasion of the Balkans?

I think the people in any area should at least be able to vote for themselves on which way they want to go, part of an established nation-state, or independence.

I see nothing at all wrong with that.

First "Bristol is Trig's REAL Mom," (from the Kos Kids)...UNTIL it was revealed that Trig is 4 months and Bristol is 5 months pregnant....proving the Kos Kids are LIARS and the most vile smear merchants.

I'm asserting that floks like BW have forfeited the right to outrage over ANY coming personal attacks on the Obams and Bidens.

As much as consistency is the hallmark of logic.

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