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Just to be clear

I think McCain's "lipstick" ad is a bit silly. Winning candidates don't need to do that kind of thing. Nor do I think Barack Obama intended to call Sarah Palin a pig.

But I also don't think "community organizer" is a racial epithet, and herein lies the irony. We've been taught for years by the left that vicious slurs lie everywhere, hidden and obscured within "dog whistles" or "code words." With an attuned ear, we're told, one can tease them out and decipher them. (Ironically, the left seems better able to decode these "dog whistles" than the right, which kind of defeats the purpose of a dog whistle, but whatever.)

It's a fun game for the left to play -- kind of a cross between a Rorschach test and one of those hidden word search puzzles. But God forbid a Republican wants to take a turn at their fun game for a change. Then they get their backs up and bluster "YOU KNOW DAMN WELL THAT'S NOT WHAT HE MEANT!!!" and Barack Obama goes off another whine fest about how mean and nasty the press is.

But Obama, of course, has dished out worse himself. Doesn't he remember that disingenuous "100 years in Iraq" meme that he clubbed McCain over the head with for weeks when he knew damn good and well what McCain actually meant? Isn't it hilarious that of the four national candidates it's Obama who's complaining about negative press coverage? LOL! Good God, man, sack up! If you really want to be president you'll have to deal with much worse than this.

Heh. Funnest. Election. Ever.


McCain's lipstick ad isn't just silly; it'c completely dishonest. So is his ad claiming Obama was for sexual education for kindergartners.

The McCain ad ends with "Ready to Smear" with Obama's picture underneath but the real smearing is being done by McCain's campaign.

The faked outrage of the Obama remark is "fair play," especially after the MSM's been guilty of vicious partisan personal attacks on Palin for the last the past ten days!

Look, I didn't like the partisan personal attacks, but I was pleasantly surprised that they backfired and slimed the liberal MSM itself.

I'm GLAD that Olby and Mathews were demoted at MSNBC - I look forward to their firing....especially Olbermann who is a 9/11 Truther, which is weirder and more absurd than those kooks who believe "dinosaurs never existed," or that "the moon landing was faked."

I'd read only a couple of blurbs about Palin before she was nominated.

It appears that those in the MSM didn't read even that.

I was initially skeptical of that choice and thought it a "cynical ploy" by McCain to woo disaffected Hillary women.

That changed when I heard her views.

She wasn't nominated to appeal to the Hillary-women, she was nominated to shore up the Conservative base and show McCain was NOT in bed with the distrusted and disgraced Left-of-Center forces in this country.

The Pelosi-Reid Congress' approval ratings are half that of Bush's....and it isn't because "Congressional approval ratings are always low" - the previous Congress had approval numbers around 42%!

No, this Congress has been a disaster. They campaigned on the Bush administration's role in raising oil prices and promised to rectify that. With BOTH Houses of Congress, they SHOULD'VE been able to do that!

Oil prices have gone waaay up since January of 2007.
The Mortgage crisis exploded during that period and that was due virtually entirely to Liberal policies that outlawed common-sense lending practices like "redlining" and charging higher loan rates to people with lower credit scores.

Clearly, a majority of the American people see that and blame the Liberals for many of our current disasters and look askance at a naive young man who'd foolishly claim - "Government CAN and SHOULD be part of the solution."

Well, the ONLY way government can be part of any economic solution is to get out of people's way and get out of their pockets.

So, let's be fair about this, Palin was wrongly abused for over a week and your problem is that "the McCain camp has become a little over-sensitive?"

I don't get that.

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