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Look what's new on Intrade:


You beat me to it again! Darn you!

We're hearing from our Chicago affiliate (WLS) that Biden bowing out in favor of Hillary is already in motion.

Apparently he has some hitherto undetected health issue that will prevent him from fulfilling his duties as a candidate, and as soon as the campaign can figure out what health issue will be most saleable, Joe will begin his inspiring struggle to survive while Hillary puts aside her personal aspirations to step in and fill the gap.

We're all pulling for you Joe! We'll get by, somehow. You just focus all your energy on getting well.

Holy shit, are you serious? Well Biden did have brain surgery a few years back, right? And he hasn't yet released his medical records, as Andrew Sullivan tirelessly reminds us in a token effort at appearing nonpartisan. I wonder if they could pull it off without looking desperate and, well, you know, unleaderly.

Don't think it would matter if they looked desperate and unleaderly - it would still blow the whole thing wide open again (with desperate and unleaderly soon forgotten).

Doubt McCain + Palin would prevail over Obama + H Clinton.

I swear there was a time when this blog praised Obama for picking Biden, because apparently, according to this blog, Obama picked Biden not for political reasons but because he was best for the job.

Oh well. Those days are gone.

I thought it was a wise pick. But ya gotta admit, it hasn't done much for his poll numbers.

Also, I think replacing him would be a mistake. I just can't help but think it's funny that this contract showed up on Intrade after a week of everyone gleefully speculating that Palin would get Eagletoned.

Wait, this wasn't just a snarky post?

>Wait, this wasn't just a snarky post?

I thought it was. Now I'm getting a bit freaked out.

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