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Racism alert!

We have news that the state of Florida will require voters to, you know, actually be who they claim to be before they can vote. Although I can't really explain why, I'm certain that this must be pure, naked racism in its most vitriolic form and must be stopped.


Well, it could suppress voting among the poor; it largely depends how it is enforced. If it is enforced harshly in some areas and not in other areas, then that could lead to consequences that are racist.

Personally, I am not opposed to national identification cards. As it stands now, those that don't drive do not have drivers licenses. While I do understand that they could give their social security number and can get a provisional ballot if there is an error, it all comes down to how it's done. If the end result is chaos in the poorer areas, while more affluent people breeze right in and out, then that could result in less poor people voting.

On the other hand, I do believe that Florida does have early voting which means the working poor can vote on Saturday. We shall see how it plays out.

I don't get this being so hard to enact. I mean if E-Verify can verify a legitimate social security number in a matter of seconds (and it DOES), allowing emoployers to verify legal/documented employees, then why's it so hard to verify registered voters.

If you DON'T register, you DON'T vote, it SHOULD BE as simple as that.

If a person can't take the time to register, either they're not qualified to register (ie. non-citizen, or in some locales in prison for over 1 year, etc.) OR they're too lazy to take the time to register.

In either case, those folks SHOULDN'T be voting.

Another question is, "Why's it always states like Florida, Georgia and Texas and NOT places like New York, California and Illinois that are taking the lead on squashing voter fraud?"

It's not as if New York doesn't have its fair share of it.

When Rudy Guiliani ran against Dinkins the second time (1993), members of the UFA and PAB manned the election booths throughout the city to make sure people didn't vote more than once and that "election workers" at the polls didn't "vote for" the absentees....BOTH those things were said to be rampant in some precincts the first time Dinkins ran (1989), and apparently they WERE, because with all those new volunteers being present, the "turnout," or more accurately, the number of people voting, from those precincts dropped drastically in the 1993 and 1997 elections.

This needs to be done; all of us white people look alike.

"This needs to be done; all of us white people look alike." (Fred)

Damn straight!

People are calling me Fred everywhere I go lately.

We definitely NEED this!

And if my mother addresses me as JMK one more time, I'm gonna knock her one.

You too huh!

I must admit that I do have that generic "white guy" look about me.

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