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Tonight's debate

All right. As I predicted, John McCain is in, and it looks like we're on for tonight. I even went to the trouble to hook up my new cable box so I can actually watch it tonight. I may not liveblog it, but you can always check in tomorrow morning to get my take on it (I'll claim McCain won no matter what, of course.)

So does anyone really believe they'll confine the discussion to foreign policy tonight? What are your predictions? I think it'll probably go something like this.

Obama: “This is a Republican financial crisis, let me just highlight that. Solution? Change. Because we don’t need more of the same.”

McCain: “First of all, let me go on record as saying Black is Beautiful — and that yes, Republicans share the blame for the culture of corruption in Washington. Beyond that, though — are you fucking kidding me with that bullshit?”

Moderator: “Thank you, gentlemen. Incidentally, point deducted from Senator McCain for coded racism, which we’ll identify once we have a chance to think about it.”


I have never commented on your blog before although I've been a reader for 2? years I think? Maybe more. But... that was hilarious - thanks!!!

It wasn't really coded racism, McCain said outright dozens of times "Senator Obama just doesn't understand, he's a dumb negro, you know!"

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