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And now for something completely different

Well, it's not really different, I guess. In fact it's the same ol' anti-Palin same ol'. Except it's from John Cleese, so people are posting it around as if it's actually news.

And why not? Why shouldn't we be primarily concerned with the opinions of decrepit old British has-been comedians who were last funny during the Nixon administration? Would you even dream of entering a polling place without first having taken the sage counsel of Benny Hill or Spike Milligan?

Next up, Joe Piscopo expounds on the deficiencies of the Tory candidate for Exchequer.


I disagree with the notion that John Cleese is "washed up." After Monty Python, he did "Fawlty Towers", "Fish Named Wanda", and numerous other movies as he still works semi-regularly.

Have you had as much success or made as much money over a longer period of time than Cleese?

That said, I don't care what he has to say about American elections.

>I disagree with the notion that John Cleese is "washed up."

Well he is old.

Besides, you're going to vote for Barack Obama. What do you know?


Yes, dammit, you're right. I normally admire Mr. Cleese highly, but it pisses me off when people gleefully throw this kind of stuff in my face, so I will say what I want about him, justified or not.

So there.

For the sake of clearing up an apparent misunderstanding, I didn't post that video to "gleefully throw it in (your) face" BNJ.

Not sure how you got that impression.

Well to further clarify, I did see it posted from a number of other sources, not just you.

Fair enough.

Cleese is just pointing out the obvious. Palin is a backward wingnut "tha final days are a-comin'!" fundamentalist moron who is only popular with those like her (the Repug base).

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