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This is rare

Some good gun rights news in New Jersey.


These "feel good" laws are worsse than a joke because they grossly underestimate the incentives for those so inclined toward malevolence.

These laws, as they exist, do NOTHING and are intended to do nothing to keep guns out of the hands of thugs.

Hell, zip guns are real easy to make and there are also many unlicensed "home gun-smiths" who make pretty fair weaponry, many willing to sell to whomever pays the going price.

BUT even if there were some way to rid the world of guns, that wouldn't do a thing to reduce violence.

People who are so inclined will ALWAYS seek to take/steal what they haven't earned and owners will fight/kill to keep what it theirs.

It's as if these dolts don't realize just how easy it is to make explosives out of dozens of products that exist in most homes, like vaseline and potassium chlorate, which is commonly found as a plant fertilizer - Muriate of Potash.

Very unstable. You have to let it dry and you can't even let it dry on cementious surfaces in the sun - the heat from that could cause it to explode.

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