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I can't believe it

After what seems like an eternity, we're finally here. I've been too overwhelmed with personal and professional considerations to blog much during the past week or so, but I'll do what I can to be my usual, obsessive election-night self, at least as much as I'm able.

My bold prediction? The presidential race will be close, no matter who wins. (The smart money is on Obama, but since I'm stubborn and placed my bet on McCain long ago, I'm foolishly going to let it ride.) Dems pick up 5 in the senate, and 15 in the House. The stock market rallies no matter who wins the presidency.

And you?


vote and try to stop caring.
1. if Mc wins, it will show the media that they cannot shove a candidate down the throats of the public without consequence

2. If O wins, most likely the Dems will have a solid victory ...and will be completely responsible for what happens the next two years. They won't be able to blame W or the Reps after the first 60 days :) :) :)

3. Reality will sit in no matter who's in office. They will not be able to leave Iraq without real-Vietnam consequences. The economy will need jobs as well as some economic stimulus. We'll still blame illegal immigrants.

I actually agree with Rachel on all points.

I also believe that it looks like it's going to be very close...I saw where the earley returns are running 48% Obama to 47% McCain - much closer than expected, especially for the early voting.

My predictions:

Obama 53.7 %
McCain 44.8 %

Barry: One case of beers (Fosters) less
Me: One case of beers (Fosters) more

Will find out tomorrow.

Gallup puts it at 55% Obama and 44% McCain. I'm sticking with my two week old bet of a narrow McCain win but I have to say it's largely based on stubborn wishful thinking now.

Hard to believe the American people can be this breathtakingly stupid so soon after 9/11.

Barry, if necessary get him some proper beer:

He'll choke on it.

Wow, Bush beer looks kick ass! I really like barley wines. (Not sure I want to drop that kinda coin on BW, but whatever.)

The bet is for Fosters. And can not change after the fact.
Oh, and PJF calling the American people stupid shows desperation. And it is certainly not a cool thing to do. Have some champaign tomorrow and try to celebrate change.

I'm voting for divided government -- the best of all possible lesser evils.

Prediction: Obama wins convincingly in the popular, but narrowly in the Electoral College; Dems expand their margins in both houses of Congress. Europeans cough up a hairball when they realize they can no longer look down their noses and sniff about intractable racism in the U.S.

"Europeans cough up a hairball when they realize they can no longer look down their noses and sniff about intractable racism in the U.S."

AND deal with racism on their own lands as the result of an O victory AND have to think about REAL self defense for once
(BIG grin :o)

Ah, PJF. You are such an elitist. :)

Ah, PJF. You are such an elitist. :)"

Heh. I've had to wince everytime rightwing bloggers (correctly) called Europe (where I live) various rude names for being utterly useless. Well, now I get my own back (it seems). America (it seems) is also utterly useless.

Welcome to the axis of weasel, folks (it seems). So, c'mon, who does the 21st Century belong to - China or Islam?

("it seems" = real votes not yet counted - got to go to bed with some hope here!).

Have a great night guys. You deserve it one way or another. ;-)

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