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Ralph Nader suxes

I never much agreed with Ralph, but I always respected him and his supporters the same as I would any principled third-party candidate.

And yes, I suppose I also always thought that Barack Obama would one day be called an Uncle Tom by the Left, but I didn't think it would happen within the first 24 hours after the election.


Anyway, there's also a secondary reason why this pisses me off besides the obvious. This tired old slander is a sure sign of literary illiteracy. Anyone who's actually read the goddamn book would never in a million years think to use the term "Uncle Tom" as a derogatory insult.

(HT: Ace)


Tell me about it. Uncle Tom was the strongest man in the whole book. How he became the symbol for the worse of AfAm stereotypes I'll never understand

You and Rachel are right, of course, about the inanity of "Uncle Tom" being used as an epithet.

Ralph Nader is a bitter, angry man, clinging to his far-Left Liberalism, his anti-business ethos and his atheism.

Maybe, and mercifully so, this will be his last run...I mean 0.5%, come on Ralph!

Nader is even more liberal than Obama but they are closer than most. I am surprised that Nader would go after Obama at all. Maybe he is just want the press. Any press is good press, right? The liberal illuminati who fight for Obama probably won't even address this and maybe it wasn't the worst question ever asked but it sure was poor timing and even poorer wording.

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