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Planning your vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner

Here's something from the Wall Street Journal for all those weenies who got vapors watching Sarah Palin's turkey pardoning photo op.

Check 'em out! They're all turkey-friendly.

Mmm, nothing says "Home for the Holidays" like a puckered, vaguely football-shaped faux turkey polyp.

Okay, this one actually doesn't look all that bad. "A" for effort.

Mmm, pass the gravy. Lots of gravy. Lots and lots....

"We thank thee O bama for this bountiful and cruelty-free blessing we are about to receive...."


I can understand wanting to be a vegetarian, I don't understand the whole let's make everything look like it's not.

As a vegetarian, I have to point out that toffurkey (can be found in whole foods stores) is real great. I tried it for the first time last year and it was exceptionally good. My wife who is not a vegetarian agreed also.

So did you decide which of these four choices that you are having today?

That's kind of a cheap shot, isn't it? I don't recall Barack Obama telling anyone they shouldn't eat turkey. In fact, if you peruse the blogs on my side of the fence, you might find some lovely recipes for brining turkey (which it's now too late to do for this year) or preparing turkey leftovers. The Minstrel Boy has been on a tear over at Group News Blog sharing recipes (today's is for cranberry sauce with ginger). We're having Pastitso at my house today, because we're not crazy about turkey, it's nuts to make all that food for two people, and if we eat Indian food on Christmas Eve, why not Greek food on Thanksgiving? I'll have the step-by-step recipe, with photos, at my blog later on today. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone (yes, even you).

>So did you decide which of these four choices that you are having today?

It'll be Chinese food if I don't get my ass in gear with turkey.

>I don't recall Barack Obama telling anyone they shouldn't eat turkey.

Of course it wasn't a knock against Obama, but rather a creepy subset of his supporters. I've always found the latter more unsettling than the former. :-)

Happy T-day, all.

Now that Thankgiving is over, can someone please give me examples of bullying by social conservatives? Everyone's blaming them for the Republican ills yet they have had the least things done in their name.

Roe v. Wade is still law of the land

There is still a separation of church and state

There is no prayer in schools and intellegent design is on the wane

To me, the socons have been the scapegoats unless someone can provide proof.


Just how good was your turkey? You can't possibly still be in food coma, can you?

Barry is busy feeding the Christmas pig.

You know.. I'm not sure if that photo you have above the fold is getting you any site traffic.

Just saying.

Where have you gone, Barry Johnson?

woo woo woo

99 Bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall.

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