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Dear God

Please let this happen.


I'd actually pay to see that!

The fact remains that Bill Kristol is a total idiot. Fully certified.

That might actually be interesting to watch.

"The fact remains that Bill Kristol is a total idiot. Fully certified." (BW)

Because you disagree with him?

That only indicates that he PROBABLY knows what he's talking about.

Kristol consistenly makes arguments for his position and he makes fairly substantial arguments, at that.

YOU, on the other hand (and I'm not picking on you, just stating a fact) CANNOT make arguments for your views at all.

How do I know?

IF you could...you WOULD.

I'm afraid that Matt Damon wouldn't stand a much better chance than yourself (marginally better, but not much more) against Kristol...which is to say No chance at all.

Yeah, Kristol will employ the never-fail Limbaugh/Hannity Academy NEVER SHUT UP, SHOUT DOWN AND/OR MUTE YOUR OPPONENT, SPEAK ONLY IN NOVELS WITHOUT BREATHING AND ABOVE ALL, HIT THE LIST OF TALKING POINTS EVERY 6.7 SECONDS tactics of seeming to win arguments on the radio after hanging up on the enemy caller.

LOL! Let Kristol explain how deregulation and the free market under Bush created this FANTASTIC economy! Let him explain how great Neocon Neocolonialism has worked out for America! Let him explain how all those great tax cuts passed by the Repugs were just so darned great for America!

Repeating lies and being idiotic appeals to JMK and his dittohead buddies, but the rest of us voted the Repugs out for being retarded.

Shut up and sit down. Bush did it first!

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