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Does GW need a new poster boy?

I recently pissed off some friends of mine by expressing my view that on balance Al Gore hasn't really been very good for the global warming movement. Our argument didn't even touch of science or policy, but merely his effectiveness in terms of promoting the issue. They thought I was crazy (not to mention an asshole for being critical of someone so selfless in his zeal to save the planet.)

Well this is exactly what I'm talking about. Gore, as self-appointed global warming czar, makes Bob Shrum look effective. According to this recent Pew Center poll, global warming ranks dead last in terms of domestic policy issues for 2009. Dead last. Coming in below "trade policy." Seriously. Trade policy. LOL!

Global warming clearly has a PR problem. To be fair, I guess we can't lay all the blame on Al Gore. The climate itself hasn't been entirely cooperative these past few years. As many others have noticed elsewhere, there's a reason why why we here the term "climate change" much more often than "global warming" these days.


Al WHO???

It's hard to sell an obvious lie. That takes Reagan-level skills, you know, like convincing people that cutting taxes on the rich would cause job creation and a thriving economy, instead of just more obscenely wealthy pigs.

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