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Is it too late...

...for me to vote for Obama now?

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar indicated Tuesday that the Obama administration could be open to expanded offshore drilling and is considering doing away with a controversial program that allows oil companies to pay in kind for oil and natural gas taken from public lands.


No, it is not too late. You can even retract your Bush vote and vote for Kerry. That would have a major effect on what happened the last 4 years.

Missle sdtrikes in Pakistan, ratcheting UP Afghanistan chock full WITH Halibrton contracts, leaving the Bush tax cuts in place AND a federal pay freeze to boot!

Yeah, Obama/Emanuel look pretty good on a number of vital issues. Better than I could've hoped for.

The "WAR" will be between the Obama administration and the Pelosi-Reid Congress....that's what I'm looking forward to, and I'm beginning to believe that Obama/Emanuel DO have the stomach for that fight.

Wonder which side the Kos/MoveOn dolts are gonna come down on in that battle?

ONe thing I DON'T like is the Obama administration buying into the idiotic rhetoric that "We must leave behind the childish INDIVIDUALISM that has too long been a hallmark of American culture and adopt a more adult COLLECTIVE outlook."

Collectivism is PRIMITIVISM. It's rooted in man's ugly past.

INDIVIDUALISM was championed by America's Founders for the simple reason that only a select few INDIVIDUALS (Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, William Shockley, the Duryea brothers, the Wright brothers, Hiram Maxim, etc.) move society forward and they can only do that, when INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY supplants collective/tribal unity.

And for the record BW, neither mine, nor Barry's new-found appreciation for SOME of the Obama policies would "have a major effect on what happened the last 4 years."

Time is kind of weird like that....the past cannot be changed by actions done today or tomorrow.

No wonder you're so naive...you don't even get that simple concept?

Come ON BW!

Even future events CAN'T effect the past. EVEN should we replace the failed Pelosi-Reid Congress with a second Gingrichian Congress in 2010 (and we SHOULD), THAT would NOT undo the damage done by Pelosi-Reid since January 2007!

"Individualism" means "greed is good". This failed. Deregulation failed. The markets failed to police themselves. The free market failed to correct itself. It just doesn't work.

It has now caused a second Great Depression, only thanks to Obama we should recover a lot more quickly this time, and greedy traitors will have to look to other countries to practice their parasitical evils.

The turbo-charged CRA of 1995 wasn't DEREGULATION!

In fact, it was flawed and wrong-headed regulation...and THAT'S what's failed. I'm looking around for a single reputable financial paper that would refute that...so far, NONE.

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