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Kennedy out

Caroline Kennedy is dropping her bid for Hillary's vacant senate seat, and that's big news around here. But isn't it kinda odd to be campaigning for an appointment anyway? Has anyone ever seen something like this before? I can't recall anything similar.


I really don't care one way or the other, but the whole thing is/was odd.

For me, the whole damn Kennedy family consistently fails to live up to the Kennedy name -- well, maybe not if you consider the reputation to have been established Bootleg Joe.

>For me, the whole damn Kennedy family consistently fails to live up to the Kennedy name

Ain't that for sure. Of course I guess I never fully understood the Kennedy mystique anyway. Talk about style over substance....

She seems like a nice enough woman.

She's spent her life avoiding politics, while serving on various charitable and non-profit boards - she should probably stay that course.

Her few forays with the media proved that not only is public speaking NOT a strength (she not only made G W Bush look like Shakespearean, she even made some rappers look eleoquent by comparison), but she apparently hasn't even thought much about many if any of the major issues a Senator would be dealing with.

She's done very well by quietely avoiding the political limelight. She'd probably do well to continue along that path.

I wonder how this will impact the coming choice? It's said that Sen. Schumer detests Andy Cuomo and would prefer someone who wouldn't be able to "outshine him." It had to be tough to deal with being under the Junior Senator's shadow the past eight years.

Some real strange and some scary names have surfaced, the most disgusting being former UFT head Randi Weingarten, then there's Carolyn Maloney and even Fran Drescher.

So far, things are starting out GREAT in this new "post-politics-as-usual" age, an impeached Governor, who initially tried to sell a Senate seat, gets to give it to a 72 y/o curmudgeon and local politcal hack, and now barely a week before February, NYS doesn't even have a front-runner for its vacant Senate seat.

And to think, THIS could be their high water mark! This could be "as good as it gets" for them.

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